Nina Berenato by Nina

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Nina started her line in the back of an Airstream (Goals!). She’s now set up shop in her store front in Austin, Texas, where she sells her carefully handcrafted jewelry designs and also curates pieces from other local women artisans she offers for sale.

A portion of proceeds from the Making It Together Necklace goes directly into a fund for grants given to female-owned businesses. Every time the fund gets $5,000, she gives a grant.

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25th & June by Nexus

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We're fangirling over Nexus and her nail elixirs from 25th & June. "I've always had big hair, a big heart, and big ideas. So when I started 25th & June Nail Elixir on my bedroom floor, I did it with nothing but a passion for all-things-pretty, my pure obsession with nail polish, and a desire to create something bigger than myself."
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2 Goats + 2 Acres by Tirzah

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Say hello to Tirzah. Ever since she was little, she imagined herself surrounded by animals and tending to my own little plot of land. She made her dreams, reality.

Today, Tirzah owns 2 goats + 2 acres, where she raises goats, who in turn produce the milk she uses in her line of products. Grounded in the belief that skin products should be simply made, she creates products like soap, body oil and body scrubs.

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Abida's Essence by Abida

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When Abida was pregnant with her fourth child, she started to pay more attention to the ingredients in the products she used.

She wanted something effective, safe, non-toxic and cruelty free to use in the bath, so she went to her kitchen and started mixing. Little did she know, she was creating Abida’s Essence.

The line features body and feminine care products perfect for every woman without all of the extra chemicals.

She’s passionate about spreading knowledge on holistic feminine wellness so more women are empowered to make informed decisions about their bodies.

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Alyson Jon Life by Alyson

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Say hello to Alyson. An Ohio transplant living in NYC, she’s designed for companies like Banana Republic and Victoria's Secret.

She started Alyson Jon Life from her Brooklyn apartment, focusing on handmade jewelry. She’s now branched into surface design (aka print design, illustration and embroidery) and workshops after she fell in love with encouraging people to create their own style.

p.s. you have to check out her Medium post on her idea to get more women in leadership roles.

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Alice & Trixie by Angela

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Scouting for fashion finds at the age of 10, Angela, encountered her first fashion fix: hot pants. Determined to turn her passion into a career, the native New Yorker later enrolled at FIT and simultaneously landed a job at one of NYC’s premiere boutiques where she would eventually become the head buyer. She went on to found the iconic Alice & Trixie.

Fun Fact: the collection was named as a playful tribute to the heroines of the 1950’s sitcom, The Honeymooners.

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Alex & Ani by Carolyn

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Carolyn has created a $1B empire and an even bigger impact. From humble beginnings in Cranston, RI - she’s built a jewelry movement that is a global force for good.

Carolyn believes each piece holds a special energy that can have a positive effect on its wearer. If even a tiny bit of her energy is in every bracelet, we’re going to load up our wrists 🙌

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Alphabet Legends by Beck

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While teaching one of her daughters the alphabet, Beck decided to create a more personalized A to Z to create meaningful conversations around each of those 26 letters we all know and love.

She shared her alphabet illustrations on Instagram and soon Alphabet Legends was born. There is an entire collection of books, each with their own themes such as Fashion Legends and Little Legends. Our favorite should be no surprise, it's The Lady Legends.

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Andieanderin by Cara + Lisa

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After years of wanting to work together, Cara + Lisa landed on the perfect idea: they were going to bring back the necktie to highlight notable women of the past and present.

They released their original seven silk pussybows under the name Andieanderin and have slowly added to their lineup over the years to include icons like Beyonce and Melinda Gates.

They donate a portion of each sale to an organization that inspires young women to reach for their wildest dreams versus question their abilities.

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Andie Swim by Melanie

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At Andie, Melanie and her team are on a mission to design swimsuits with fabric, cut, details, and, most important, an at-home try-on experience that guarantee smiles and comfort rather than tears. Designed with the input of thousands of women, Andie offers free shipping, exchanges and returns so that you can try on at home and keep only what you love.

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Armoire by Ambika

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“I’ve been sharing clothes with the women in my life as long as I can remember.” -Ambika

The word “Armor” has the same root as the word “Armoire”, and Ambika likes to think of clothing as the armor that we as women use as we go out into the world. As a member you rent four curated pieces of clothing, delivered straight to your door. Exchange for new styles of high-end items whenever you’re ready.

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Ateiler 880 by Claudine

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Claudine came up with the idea for Ateiler 880 when she found herself burning two (or more) candles to find the perfect scent for her home. Seeking inspiration from Mies van der Rohe's iconic 860-880 North Lakeshore Drive, she created candles with minimal packaging and homey, unique scents.

She hand pours all of her candles in small batches using 100% domestically grown soy wax, cotton braided wicks and phthalate-free essential oils and fragrance oils sourced from around the world.

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Avery Grey Soapery by Meagan

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After Meagan had children, she longed to find a way to spend more time with them. So, she got the idea to start her business, Avery Grey Soapery.

Since the business opened, it’s become more than that and has blossomed into Meagan’s own way of slowing down to spend some time with herself and to create products that encourage other moms to do the same. Her hope is that her products will be what stops moms at the end of a hectic day so they can take some time to relax.

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Awe Inspired by Jill

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As a three-time cancer survivor, Jill wanted to create AWE Inspired jewelry so she could help other women celebrate their strength and resilience.

AWE Inspired Jewelry's signature piece is the AWE Medallion. Its four teardrops represent the blood, sweat and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey. She hopes that by displaying this symbol, it will connect a community of survivors to each other.

What's more to love is every time you buy a piece of AWE, they will donate 20% to a charity of your choice.

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Bainiel by Kiley

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Kiley grew up making string friendship bracelets and playing in the woods. As she grew older and after attended art school, she felt a longing to return to creating with her hands. She started integrating things she would have found in the woods like twigs and shells into jewelry pieces and her company, Bainiel was born.

Bainiel is her line of handmade, nature-inspired jewelry and crystals that captures the beauty and darkness of the woods. She mixes in bright colored crystals, rough metal bezels with dark gunmetal patinas to create pieces the Dough team can’t wait to get our hands on.

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Bandier by Jennifer

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Meet Bandier, our favorite female powered find for fashionable activewear.

A few years back, Jennifer asked herself, “Why can’t I find the best selection of fashionable activewear all in one place?” To find her answer, she did what any woman would do if she wants something done right—she did it herself.

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Baby Baazaar by Supriya

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When Supriya came home to NYC after spending three years living in India, she had the idea to share some inspiring Indian artisanal businesses she had discovered.

The combination of this inside knowledge and her degrees in Textile/Surface Design and Elementary Education led her to create a collection of thoughtfully designed toys and textiles for babies and toddlers.

The entire line is created by encouraging India locals to continue using their traditional skills and methods and are paid fair wages.

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Bagtazo by Courtney

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Changemakers, meet Courtney. With a mother from the Phillippines, an Irish-American father and a long-time babysitter from El Salvador, her identity was heavily shaped by these cultures as she grew up. She started making jewelry when she was 5-years-old.

After years of people buying whatever piece she was wearing off of her, she created her line of accessories, Bagtazo. Her designs are timeless and come in various price ranges, so everyone can have access to luxury hats, jewelry and accessories.

A portion of their annual sales is donated to Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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Beck & Boosh by Rebecca

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Beck was an elementary teacher in Alberta, Korea and Nova Scotia for over a decade before she started her brand, Beck & Boosh. She started by selling her jewelry at festivals and now owns her own storefront in Nova Scotia.

Together with her team, they have created a thriving online community and their followers call themselves Booshes, and help her get the word out about the brand and their mission to empower women through unique pieces, some created in house and designed in house then made by companies they know and trust.

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B. Effortless by Britney


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After Britney had a little Changemaker enter her life, she decided to transition from her career in real estate to being a stay at home mom.

When she couldn’t find comfortable and stylish pieces where she normally shopped, the idea for her business was born. Now, B. Effortless is a boutique where she curates the cutest and stylish pieces. Comfy enough for a day on the couch, yet ready for a day out on the town, her pieces are available in roomier sizes to accommodate every phase of a woman’s life.

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