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Alex & Ani by Carolyn

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Carolyn has created a $1B empire and an even bigger impact. From humble beginnings in Cranston, RI - she’s built a jewelry movement that is a global force for good.

Carolyn believes each piece holds a special energy that can have a positive effect on its wearer. If even a tiny bit of her energy is in every bracelet, we’re going to load up our wrists 🙌

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Awe Inspired by Jill

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As a three-time cancer survivor, Jill wanted to create AWE Inspired jewelry so she could help other women celebrate their strength and resilience.

AWE Inspired Jewelry's signature piece is the AWE Medallion. Its four teardrops represent the blood, sweat and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey. She hopes that by displaying this symbol, it will connect a community of survivors to each other.

What's more to love is every time you buy a piece of AWE, they will donate 20% to a charity of your choice.

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Bainiel by Kiley

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Kiley grew up making string friendship bracelets and playing in the woods. As she grew older and after attended art school, she felt a longing to return to creating with her hands. She started integrating things she would have found in the woods like twigs and shells into jewelry pieces and her company, Bainiel was born.

Bainiel is her line of handmade, nature-inspired jewelry and crystals that captures the beauty and darkness of the woods. She mixes in bright colored crystals, rough metal bezels with dark gunmetal patinas to create pieces the Dough team can’t wait to get our hands on.

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Bing Bang by Anna

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Anna’s background in the blacksmith’s shop inspired the locally-made, Black Label collection. The seasonal statement pieces feature hand-forged details, semi-precious gemstones and beautiful textures for just the right amount of downtown chic.

If you’re looking for something really special, check out her Celestine collection. She’s a big believer in spirituality and was inspired by the stars and celestial bodies. The line launched in October just before the Super Moon. Beautiful work and a beautiful soul. We’re in love.

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The Crescendo Group by Amy

Amy created The Crescendo Group to work with female survivors of armed conflicts and gender-based violence (GBV) to help them gain financial independence by helping them develop a marketplace for their handmade items.

They partner with local NGOs to provide support with shipping logistics, promotions and sales. Empowering these women helps to build up not only their lives, but also attracts more investment into their communities, creating more opportunities and increasing quality of life.

They have 3 partner NGOs in Kosovo and 3 in Washington D.C.. They plan to expand to Albania, Bangladesh, Turkey and Jordan in the near future.

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Daniella Shevel by Daniella

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After college, Daniella gathered her belongings, left her hometown of Johannesburg and moved 8,000 miles away to NYC in pursuit of her dream: to become a shoe designer.

She didn’t know anyone in the city and had no formal shoe design experience, but Daniella’s determination brought her to a job in digital marketing. She worked with fashion brands and grew her network and knowledge of the industry.

Now, at 29, she’s launched her namesake shoe brand, all handmade in Italy and dedicated to functional footwear options for the modern, on-the-go woman.

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Doxahlogy by Danica

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Doxahlogy started in East Nashville (now settled in Seattle!) and boasts some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry for both men and women. Created by Nashville native, Danica, the brand is dedicated to creating an unique and inspiring line of jewelry.

Doxahlogy by definition is an expression of praise. The team over at Doxahlogy believes what you wear can inspire confidence and individuality, therefore the majority of their pieces are one of a kind. The styling team has styled stars like: Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker and Eli Young Band.

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Emiluna by Emily + Anai

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Sister duo, Emily & Anai, have always had a slight obsession with bright, colorful, hand crafted accessories. When they started trading and selling pieces from their personal collection in LA, they didn't realize Emiluna would quickly develop into a brand.

Influenced by the arts and traditions from the Wixarika and Huichol people, Emiluna specializes in artisan made and inspired pieces from Guatemala and Mexico. All of their accessories are ethically sourced, one of a kind, and often feature collaborations with the artists themselves.

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Finola Jewelry by Veronica

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Accessories have always filled Veronica’s life: teaching classes, sorting supplies, designing for displays. In 2016, she broke out to design her own line of trendy, but unique pieces of jewelry any woman would be proud to flaunt.

All of Finola’s gorgeous jewelry is made by hand and she uses 14 karat gold-filled wire (hypoallergenic and extremely gentle for skin!) as her base metal. This metal is more expensive than gold plated materials, but less expensive than real gold, which helps keep the prices reasonable without sacrificing quality. 

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Janis Studios by Janis

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Originally from Paris, Janis moved to the states in 2012 after graduating college. An overwhelming need to revamp her wardrobe without buying new clothes led to the creation of Janis Embroidery, where she was able to “tattoo” her clothes and give them new life.

After realizing its potential as a business, Janis parted ways with her career in film and after success with brands like Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue, she created Janis Studios.

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Jen Zeano Designs by Jen

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Jen is an adventure seeking flower child. Mexicana and proud, she believes any occasion is good enough to celebrate and will never turn down an opportunity to spread kindness. Her clothing line is a celebration and we've all got an invite to the party. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In her own words she creates rad things, for free spirits. From tees, to stickers, from throw pillows, to dad hats, there is something for everyone with a wild heart. Gina Rodriguez has even been spotted wearing her Latina Power tee.

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Luv AJ by Amanda

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One day, while shopping at Fred Segal, someone complimented a necklace Amanda had made with supplies funded by her allowance money.

This someone ended up being a buyer for the store and she asked if Amanda had a jewelry line. She lied and said yes. A week later, Amanda was back at Fred Segal, with all of the buyers, presenting over 50 new pieces she had made after the initial meeting.

Fred Segal picked up her entire line and soon, she was in all of her favorite LA boutiques including Ron Herman, Madison, Lisa Kline, Kitson. Today, Amanda has made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and her designs are selling world-wide..

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LVB Creations by Kaye-lank

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Kaye-Iank doesn’t think that power lies within ourselves. She believes it comes from a higher power, and this is why she created her business, LVB Creations.

LVB stands for Living Victoriously Blessed and her company’s mission is to inspire each person who selected and purchased a bracelet and wear it on their wrist, to remind them where their power lies and reminding you that there is always hope through life’s journey.

Each unique bracelet in her collection stands to be a daily reminder to you that are all victorious and blessed.

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