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Alphabet Legends by Beck

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While teaching one of her daughters the alphabet, Beck decided to create a more personalized A to Z to create meaningful conversations around each of those 26 letters we all know and love.

She shared her alphabet illustrations on Instagram and soon Alphabet Legends was born. There is an entire collection of books, each with their own themes such as Fashion Legends and Little Legends. Our favorite should be no surprise, it's The Lady Legends.

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The Bee and The Fox by Ashley + Willy

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The Bee and the Fox was created by wife and husband duo, Ashley and Willy, the first project they've collaborated on, besides raising their two boys.

While Ashley was creating stunning photographs, Willy craved a career that allowed him to feel as happy as his wife's photography made her. With their talents combined The Bee and The Fox was born. Together, they create clothing for adults and little ones, home decor and one of a kind photography prints.

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Chaboukie by Leah

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A costume designer and supermom, Leah always preferred dressing her son in leggings because it was the easiest way to get to the little one's diaper.

Leah had been ordering them on Etsy when she realized she could buy fabric and whip a pair herself in twenty minutes. Soon, Chaboukie was brought to life.

Chaboukie is a responsibly made, fashion-forward, unisex, overall awesome baby and toddler clothes.

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Fig + Palm by Brit + Robyn

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Brit and Robyn create thoughtful care packages full of self-care essentials for both new mothers and women who have miscarried at F I G + P A L M.

The concept was born when Brit and Robyn realized the goodie boxes they gifted to new mom friends were something every woman needed. They feature an assortment of options for new mothers including curated boxes for c-sections, milk production, and pregnancy loss.

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Gathre by Marilee and Jessica

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Meet Marilee and Jessica. The mom duo began Gathre after cleaning toddler spills from an outdoor picnic. Launching on Kickstarter, they raised over $75K to create modern, wipeable mats made from leather.

Gathre now features a wide assortment of mats for tummy time, yoga, meal time, and more. We're currently crushing on their world map prints, recently back in stock.

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Grammy and Me by Tyrah Majors

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Tyrah likes to consider herself a hyphen - a woman of many passions. She’s a children’s book author, model and talk show host to name a few. 

Her love of writing led her to author the children's book, Grammy and Me, about a day in the life of a young girl and her great grandmother. She also started a talk show this year titled, Major Moves with Tyrah Majors, featuring interviews with young entrepreneurs.

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Literati by Jessica + Kelly

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Founded to help children fall in love with reading, Jessica + Kelly created the subscription-based box to take the uncertainty and frustration out of finding age-appropriate books. Getting started is as easy as A - B - C. Pick your child's age, subscribe to have five books delivered to your doorstep monthly, and enjoy reading new bedtime stories with your little ones.

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Persistent Sisters by Ellen

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Made to celebrate the trailblazing women throughout history, Persistent Sisters is the perfect gift for the little changemaker in your life.

An artist, Ellen began illustrating historical icons to teach her daughter about awe-inspiring women from history. Persistent Sisters was founded when she quickly realized trading cards were an accessible and flexible way to teach and empower children. The collection continues to grow, currently spanning the fields of science, exploration, writing, mathematics, and art.

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Toki Mats by Eli

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Eli was enjoying her time on maternity leave with her new little one when she started to wonder: Are there play mats out there that look good too?

She didn’t want to sacrifice the safety and comfort of play mats, but wanted them to blend in with her space. After not finding what she was looking for, she created Toki Mats, a line of non-toxic, padded play mats in modern designs. This line makes floor play easy for babies to hit their milestones while not ruining the careful decorating you did before your little changemaker came around.

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Ullabelle by Wana

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Wana was working in merchandising at Old Navy when she came up with the idea for Ullabelle. She wanted to design a line of baby essentials that were high quality, sustainable and beautiful.

Designed in San Fransisco, one of Wana’s biggest hits is her waterproof, silicone bib. It features a big, wide pocket to catch all of your little one’s spills. Spend less time cleaning up after meal time and have more time to play! Plus, these babies are dishwasher safe.

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