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BOXFOX by Chelsea, Jenni + Sabena

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When a close friend got sick and they couldn’t find the right thing to send her to make her feel like they were there, Chelsea + Jenni + Sabena got the idea for their gifting company, BOXFOX.

The trio created a simple platform where you pick a gift that’s insta-ready and personal. Choose from a thematic option, expertly curated option or build a custom gift box. They top each gift with a handwritten note and ship around the world.

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Calivolve by Lilly + My

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Lilly + My were having a glass of wine at dinner when the idea for Calivolve was hatched. With all of the new research on benefits of CBD and cannabis coming out, the pair wondered how to make cannabis as socially acceptable as a glass of wine.

My + Lilly combined their years of finance experience and dove into the new market to create Calivolve, a luxury cannabis marketplace that features dark chocolate CBD truffles infused with adaptogens and superfoods to make them restorative and nourishing.

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Coco Love Teas by Lindsey + Jonathan

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Meet Lindsey and Jonathan. The duo founded Coco Love Teas in the heart of Philly, where they create luxury loose-leaf teas paired with cookie recipes, wrapped in a beautiful, floral packaging.

Coco Love Teas features five blends including black, chai, chamomile, green, and oolong. On our list to try? Their Emma Genmaicha Green Tea paired with rosemary tea cookies.

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Colletteys Cookies by Collette

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Collette hasn’t just cooked up the most delicious cookie recipe we’ve ever tasted, she’s sparked a global movement.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Born in 1990 with down syndrome, Collette was frustrated over her job search and being told over and over again she wasn’t a good fit. Rather than take no for an answer, she decided to not only create her own job but start a business that could also employ others. Now shipped all over the US, she’s speaking to audiences of hundreds of thousands, and she’s lobbying on Capitol Hill.⠀⠀⠀

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Curio Spice by Claire

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Claire founded Curio Spice shortly after returning from a four-month trip to South East Asia. On her journey she developed the mission for her business, centered around sustainability and gender equality.

Twelve countries and a blog later, Curio Spice now specializes in bringing directly-sourced, sustainably-produced spices from around the world to her customers.

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Daily Harvest by Rachel

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Raise your hand if you know the woes of discovering wilted kale in your fridge 🖐🏻

Rachel, had the desire to eat healthy without the time to make it happen. As a busy New York marketing executive and mom she didn't want to sacrifice nutrition for herself and her family. Enter Daily Harvest, her solution for herself and busy humans everywhere. Daily Harvest delivers real, unprocessed, unrefined foods in the most convenient format possible: frozen. 

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EXstraw by Jamie

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Meet Jamie. Tired of throwing her wet reusable straw in her purse or leaving it in her car, she hatched the idea for her straw case, EXstraw. Unlike similar products made from cloth that collected bacteria and easily got dirty, Jamie designed a rubber case that is biodegradable and environmentally conscious. It’s small enough to carry in your purse and dishwasher safe.

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From A Blonde's Kitchen by Rosemarie

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Rosemarie was a 21-year-old college student who was also working full-time when she discovered her passion. She had very little time to herself and baking became her therapy. Knowing pastry school was not in the cards, she dismissed the idea of it becoming a career.

She started experimenting anyway and posting photos online. She turned down orders for months before she decided to go for it. She started A Blonde’s Kitchen, a bakery that serves up creations like the Cookie Monster cupcake, brownie pie and rainbow cookie stuffed chocolate chip cookies insta ready and drool-worthy. 

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Gobble by Ooshma

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Meet Ooshma! Inspired by the love and connection shown through food, she used food science to crack the code for her perfect meal delivery service: Gobble.

Working for years developing recipes based on Mise en place (the kind of food prep like in restaurants), with some help from a Michelin Star chef, together they’ve created unique options that only need 1 pan and 10-15 minutes to create insta-worthy meals. Yes, please.

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Hood Famous by Chera + Geo

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Wife and husband duo, Chera and Geo, started wholesaling batches of Chera's signature purple, ube cheesecake to Uwajimaya, an Asian specialty supermarket, as well as catering special events. They soon expanded to add coconut pandan, mango calamansi, and white chocolate guava cheesecakes, which found their way into local restaurants, markets, and grocery stores.

Today, Hood Famous Bakeshop still whips up a fab cheesecake, but now they also bring that same quality to a variety of desserts and baked goods which honor the long, rich food traditions that stretch from the Philippines to the Pacific Northwest. BTW, they ship nationally.

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Me & The Bees Lemonade by Mikaila

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When Mikaila was thinking up an idea for her entry into Acton's Business Fair she was stung by a bee, beginning her fascination with them. Me & The Bees was born after she realized her Great Granny Helen's recipe for flaxseed lemonade was the perfect product to help #SaveTheBees by sweetening it with local honey. 🐝

Her company donates a percentage of all profits to organizations fighting hard to save the honeybees. You can grab a bottle at Whole Foods, Wegman's and more.

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Moon Juice by Amanda

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Meet Amanda, the alchemist behind Moon Juice. She started her journey to heal both her hypothyroid condition and accommodate multiple food allergies. Within a few months of her lifestyle shift, she noticed a radical change. Her next round of blood work revealed that her thyroid hormone levels were back to normal. Now, through Moon Juice, Amanda seeks to educate and advocate for a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond juices, milks, and snacks.

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The Naked Lemon by Aleesha

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Aleesha started her business, The Naked Lemon, as a pop-up bakery operating out of a commissary kitchen. After some elbow grease, the bakery went from side hustle to a thriving brick + mortar with its own kitchen, staff and view of the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon.

The Naked Lemon serves up baked goods and espresso in their storefront, celebrating the classic and unconventional flavors of pastries and specializes in shipping cookies + a card to any friend in the United States.

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One Part Plant by Jessica

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Jessica's mission? For you to eat one plant-based meal each day. Six years ago, she had a diet consisting of TV dinners, sodas and gummies. Her endometriosis was causing her so much pain, the last medical option open to her was a hysterectomy.
As she was contemplating the surgery, a friend introduced her to a diet that was supposed to help endometriosis. Desperate for a non-surgical solution, she tried it out. Several weeks later, her pain and depression had started to fade.

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Que by Jean + Kevin

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After traveling for two years, Jean and Kevin found themselves frustrated with the options for sustainable, portable water bottles. Inspired, they spent several months of prototyping and development until Que, a collapsible and fashionable water bottle, was born.

13K supporters on Kickstarter later, they funded the manufacturing, and since then, their unique design and philosophy has been not only featured but praised by The Museum of Modern Art, The de Young, and The Smithsonian Museum.

As part of their mission, Que donates a portion of their sales to non-profits in order to make a direct impact in the fight to protect our planet and natural resources.

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Renewal Mill by Claire + Caroline

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When Claire was in her early 20s, she was diagnosed with cancer, causing her entire perspective on health to shift drastically.

Claire began her second company, Renewal Mill, after she figured out how to use a superfood called "okara," and partnered with Caroline to help the company grow. Okara is a flour made from soybean pulp, something that would otherwise be considered waste. Their first product, okara, is both organic, non-GMO and helps to keep your heart and muscles strong while keeping your waist slim.

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Simply Brigadeiro by Sabrina

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Meet Sabrina. Every day she serves up delicious treats called brigadeiros (bree-gah-day-ro) to the city dwellers of Los Angeles and country-wide via her online shop, Simply Brigadeiro.

Originally created by women in Brazil to pass out in promotion of political candidate, Brigadier Eduardo Gomes, the sweet treats have now found their way to the United States.

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Sips By by Staci

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A tea enthusiast at heart, Staci was spending her free time researching brands, types, and availability in the market. On top of her research she was spending far too much money on shipping. What's a matcha lover to do?

Her experience drove her to found Sips By, a subscription service for fellow tea lovers and novices alike to explore flavors from around the world.

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