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Blue Sage Eco Boutique by Christina

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Inspired by the way candles have the power to change the energy of a room, Christina started hand pouring her own. Her eco-friendly and handcrafted candles promote personal growth, peace and prosperity. What's not to love?

Passionate about our environment, Christina creates products that are earth friendly, made well and affordable. 

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BOXFOX by Chelsea, Jenni + Sabena

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When a close friend got sick and they couldn’t find the right thing to send her to make her feel like they were there, Chelsea + Jenni + Sabena got the idea for their gifting company, BOXFOX.

The trio created a simple platform where you pick a gift that’s insta-ready and personal. Choose from a thematic option, expertly curated option or build a custom gift box. They top each gift with a handwritten note and ship around the world.

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Chicks Love Candles by Christina

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Meet Christina. She opened up shop to create candles, something she thought women would enjoy and find useful at the same time. With yummy flavors like blueberry cheesecake, sea salt + orchid and vanilla hazelnut, she handcrafts each candle or wax melt (which can be made to order!) to make sure no two candles are alike.

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The Crescendo Group by Amy

Amy created The Crescendo Group to work with female survivors of armed conflicts and gender-based violence (GBV) to help them gain financial independence by helping them develop a marketplace for their handmade items.

They partner with local NGOs to provide support with shipping logistics, promotions and sales. Empowering these women helps to build up not only their lives, but also attracts more investment into their communities, creating more opportunities and increasing quality of life.

They have 3 partner NGOs in Kosovo and 3 in Washington D.C.. They plan to expand to Albania, Bangladesh, Turkey and Jordan in the near future.

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Craft Sierra Madre by Arianna + Mike

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Arianna created Craft to be a space where you can create, be inspired, and develop community.

She wanted to foster every kind of creative art form from hands on experiences that catering to little kids and adults. She wanted a space that wasn’t a popup where people could come year round to create.

Her dream of Craft has turned into a modern craft supply and DIY workspace located in Sierra Madre, stocked with a carefully curated selection of DIY supplies that are also available online.

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Gathre by Marilee and Jessica

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Meet Marilee and Jessica. The mom duo began Gathre after cleaning toddler spills from an outdoor picnic. Launching on Kickstarter, they raised over $75K to create modern, wipeable mats made from leather.

Gathre now features a wide assortment of mats for tummy time, yoga, meal time, and more. We're currently crushing on their world map prints, recently back in stock.

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Hello World Paper Co. by Kelly

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Kelly was a first grade teacher before she decided to quit her job and start her business, Hello World Paper Co. Two years later, she convinced her best friend, who was also a teacher, to quit and join her.

What was once a dream, is now a laser engraving studio in Illinois that specializes in rubber stamps and laser engraved home goods and gifts.

With every purchase, they give back a portion of their proceeds towards building a school for kids in need with Pencils of Promise.

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Imani Collective by Jenny

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“Trust me,” she said. “We’re going to build something beautiful.” And they did.

With every purchase at Imani Collective you support an artisan in Kenya. Their mission is to create a space for locals to sell their crafts online, a place where Kenyans' can dream bigger.

Discover their full collection of woven rugs, tapestries, blankets, pillows, and oh so much more. Personally, they had us at llama pillow.

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Marvel + Moon by Trista

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Trista has always had the impulse to collect nature’s little beauties: a sprig of mint from a bush outside the Salem Witch House, a dried rose from a dear friend’s wedding, an acorn from her ancestral land.

Inspired by her college dissertation on witchcraft, folklore and the power of spectral evidence in contemporary poetry, she create Marvel + Moon, a candle company that combines the joy of collecting small momentos and her love of the flame.

The 100% soy candles are hand poured in small batches with a variety of organic herbs, a cotton wick, and an ethically sourced gemstone that you can save once the candle has burnt out.

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Magik Vibes by Kelsey

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Kelsey was beyond burnt out with her fast-paced career in politics and the corporate world when she discovered the world of alternative healing. Her passion for well being and sharing her experience with fellow workaholics led her to found Magik Vibes.

Kelsey teaches, creates intention kits, crystals and a subscription box of everything you need to pause, be mindful and connect to yourself.

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Milo’s Creations by Milo

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We’re crushing on Milo’s hand painted jewelry and her statement wool blankets. Her inspiration comes from studying her culture's, the Pueblo of Acoma’s, illustrious potters and her work often shares the stories of her ancestors.

Pictured: the "Whispering Blossoms" wool blanket tells the story of Spring in the Acoma Pueblo Valley, when the land yearns for moisture so the vibrant blossoms of the wildflowers can rise and bloom.

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Modern Citizen by Jess + Lizzie

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Jess and Lizzie have created a brand they longed to have for themselves: minimalist, on-trend fashion, beauty, and home goods catered to the modern woman, where luxury isn't the price point. Most pieces are under $100.

More than commerce, Modern Citizen has a focus on community, believing in elevating and empowering women. Each product in their collection is named after a woman they love and admire, and now, they encourage others to nominate an awe-inspiring woman to be featured.

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Nice Scent Candle Company by Shanice

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Inspired by her surroundings, Shanice
created Nice Scent Candle Company, an eco-friendly, luxury candle company. Based in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, each of her candles are handmade, hand poured, and handcrafted with 100% pure soy bean wax that is all natural, non-toxic and clean burning.

Shanice has made it her mission to introduce a candle scent inspired by each of the various cities surrounding the metropolitan area of Atlanta. Soon, the line will expand to room sprays, body butters, and sugar scrubs to our line.

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One for Women by Meg + Heidi

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When a friend had a bad day that turned into a bad week, Meg + Heidi had an idea: what if you could send something more meaningful than flowers without hurting your wallet?

Together, they created One For Women where they curate products for everyday life moments, created by women-owned companies. Their bundles make it easy and affordable to celebrate all of life’s ups and downs with those you love.

A portion of their proceeds go back to women’s non-profit organizations like She’s the First and Every Mother Counts.

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Otherland by Abigail

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Meet Abigail, founder of Otherland, affordable craft candles featuring a new artist each season.

Abigail hatched the idea for Otherland while earning her MBA. Having a moderately healthy obsession with candles, her journey included spending a year testing hundreds of fragrances, mixing waxes, experimenting with wicks, and accidentally starting a few small fires in her kitchen.

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Otto & Berk by Whitney

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Whitney has an obsession with paper, envelopes to be exact. She gets a thrill from finding the best quality, the perfect shade.

As a self taught graphic designer with a background in fashion, she launched Otto & Berk, a company that specializes in custom paper goods. Otto & Berk’s mission is to find the perfect materials and instill memories through paper.

Whitney can design anything under the sun including invitations and thank you cards. Her line of greeting cards are for occasions ranging from birthdays to moving, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Toki Mats by Eli

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Eli was enjoying her time on maternity leave with her new little one when she started to wonder: Are there play mats out there that look good too?

She didn’t want to sacrifice the safety and comfort of play mats, but wanted them to blend in with her space. After not finding what she was looking for, she created Toki Mats, a line of non-toxic, padded play mats in modern designs. This line makes floor play easy for babies to hit their milestones while not ruining the careful decorating you did before your little changemaker came around.

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Year and Day by Kathryn

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It’s where you nourish yourself, your friendships and your family. With the belief of setting a table you love, Year and Day is here to to make your Pinterest dreams come true.

Through researching what we desire in modern life, Kathryn founded Year and Day to reinvent the tedious process of finding top-quality yet beautiful table settings. To start, she traversed the globe in search of the finest materials, learned the rich history of ceramics and glass, and partnered with vendors in Portugal and Italy who shared her commitment to environmental responsibility.

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