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Blume by Taran + Bunny

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Meet Taran and Bunny. Two sisters who asked themselves a few questions. Why is the way the world treats periods so weird, maybe even wrong? Is the silent treatment society gives periods and puberty, somehow connected to the shame girls grow up feeling about their bodies?

They founded Blume to de-stigmatize periods and create the next generation of confident, tenacious and conscious women. Their mission is to create a new generation of thriving, informed young women who are eager to become the very best version of themselves. Yes, queens!

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Coco Floss by Chrystle + Cat

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The sister duo of Dr. Chrystle Cu, aka the dentist + extreme flosser and Cat Cu, aka the artist + lazy flosser, founded Coco Floss as a way to make flossing fun, motivating, and rewarding for everyone.

Together, they have crafted a gorgeous brand that features floss created from coconut oil, soft polyester filaments and vegan wax in four flavors: Delicious Mint, Strawberries, Cara Cara Orange, and of course, Fresh Coconuts. On top of their fun flavors, they feature a floss subscription, shipping three containers of floss every six months.

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The Crescendo Group by Amy

Amy created The Crescendo Group to work with female survivors of armed conflicts and gender-based violence (GBV) to help them gain financial independence by helping them develop a marketplace for their handmade items.

They partner with local NGOs to provide support with shipping logistics, promotions and sales. Empowering these women helps to build up not only their lives, but also attracts more investment into their communities, creating more opportunities and increasing quality of life.

They have 3 partner NGOs in Kosovo and 3 in Washington D.C.. They plan to expand to Albania, Bangladesh, Turkey and Jordan in the near future.

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Dagne Dover by Deepa, Jessy + Melissa

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Ever find the perfect work bag, only to realize your laptop doesn’t fit inside? Thankfully, those days are over due to the work of Deepa, Jessy, Melissa #squadgoals⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Dagne Dover crafts beautiful bags with intuitive, functional pockets, designed for life in motion. Dreams do come true 🙌🏽⠀⠀

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Dosi by Erica

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A few years back, Erica began having severe panic attacks, anxiety and terrible hot flashes, leaving her feeling desperate to heal. As she started researching and discovering the powerful healing benefits of essential oils and other natural remedies, she began incorporating them into her daily life.

Nighttime baths soaks and spray bottles infused with lavender quickly turned into her business, Dosi, featuring soaks, body sprays, oils, and more.

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Even Keel by En

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Sun-Infused Herbs ✔️ A founder who
takes trips to continually discover new ingredients ✔️ Products created with respect for the Earth ✔️ Sound like your kind of company? Meet Even Keel.
When En realized her family background in herbs was, in fact, her calling, she combined Eastern Roots and Western Herbs to create a gorgeous, vegan bath & body line. Always handcrafted in small batches, her specialty is working with Earth’s natural clays, oils and botanicals.

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Hood Famous by Chera + Geo

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Wife and husband duo, Chera and Geo, started wholesaling batches of Chera's signature purple, ube cheesecake to Uwajimaya, an Asian specialty supermarket, as well as catering special events. They soon expanded to add coconut pandan, mango calamansi, and white chocolate guava cheesecakes, which found their way into local restaurants, markets, and grocery stores.

Today, Hood Famous Bakeshop still whips up a fab cheesecake, but now they also bring that same quality to a variety of desserts and baked goods which honor the long, rich food traditions that stretch from the Philippines to the Pacific Northwest. BTW, they ship nationally.

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MM.LaFleur by Sarah, Miyako + Narie

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When women succeed in the workplace, the world becomes a better place. - MM.LaFleur

Sarah LaFleur, Miyako Nakamura, and Narie Foster are on a mission to take the work out of dressing for work. Sarah decided to harness the power of self presentation, join up with Miyako and Narie, and create a wardrobe solution for professional women. The result? Timeless clothing we can’t get enough of.

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Modern Citizen by Jess + Lizzie

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Jess and Lizzie have created a brand they longed to have for themselves: minimalist, on-trend fashion, beauty, and home goods catered to the modern woman, where luxury isn't the price point. Most pieces are under $100.

More than commerce, Modern Citizen has a focus on community, believing in elevating and empowering women. Each product in their collection is named after a woman they love and admire, and now, they encourage others to nominate an awe-inspiring woman to be featured.

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Posie Turner by Leslie

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“We all put our socks on one foot at a time, but we’re all different and can make powerful choices in a moment. Choose to feel good. Choose to be fearless. Choose to be curious. Choose to be who you want to be."

Leslie always loved socks. And the impact of words. The ritual of deciding what pair of socks to wear always drove her energy and helped her set the tone for the day. She thought: What if she stitched meaningful phrases on a line of socks and brought her simple ritual to the masses?

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Que by Jean + Kevin

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After traveling for two years, Jean and Kevin found themselves frustrated with the options for sustainable, portable water bottles. Inspired, they spent several months of prototyping and development until Que, a collapsible and fashionable water bottle, was born.

13K supporters on Kickstarter later, they funded the manufacturing, and since then, their unique design and philosophy has been not only featured but praised by The Museum of Modern Art, The de Young, and The Smithsonian Museum.

As part of their mission, Que donates a portion of their sales to non-profits in order to make a direct impact in the fight to protect our planet and natural resources.

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Skylar by Cat

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After working at The Honest Company, Cat started noticing the strange ingredients in her bath and body products. When she was on the hunt for a fragrance that didn't contain allergens, harmful chemicals, and smelled fresh, she couldn't find one. Her journey inspired her to create Skylar, a collection of perfumes free of chemicals and allergens.

As part of their mission, Skylar contributes a portion of their sales and time to Step Up, a non-profit that provides mentorship for underprivileged high school girls.

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Spark Joy by Marie

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By her mid-twenties, Marie had a thriving organizing consultancy in Tokyo. Her list of clients quickly grew, resulting in a waitlist, which in turn sparked her first novel: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Her philosophy includes cherishing the things that spark joy and rather than aggressively tossing clutter into the trash, she encourages that any item can be given a ceremonial goodbye, a brief pause to reflect.⠀

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