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Calivolve by Lilly + My

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Lilly + My were having a glass of wine at dinner when the idea for Calivolve was hatched. With all of the new research on benefits of CBD and cannabis coming out, the pair wondered how to make cannabis as socially acceptable as a glass of wine.

My + Lilly combined their years of finance experience and dove into the new market to create Calivolve, a luxury cannabis marketplace that features dark chocolate CBD truffles infused with adaptogens and superfoods to make them restorative and nourishing.

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Craft Sierra Madre by Arianna + Mike

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Arianna created Craft to be a space where you can create, be inspired, and develop community.

She wanted to foster every kind of creative art form from hands on experiences that catering to little kids and adults. She wanted a space that wasn’t a popup where people could come year round to create.

Her dream of Craft has turned into a modern craft supply and DIY workspace located in Sierra Madre, stocked with a carefully curated selection of DIY supplies that are also available online.

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Emiluna by Emily + Anai

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Sister duo, Emily & Anai, have always had a slight obsession with bright, colorful, hand crafted accessories. When they started trading and selling pieces from their personal collection in LA, they didn't realize Emiluna would quickly develop into a brand.

Influenced by the arts and traditions from the Wixarika and Huichol people, Emiluna specializes in artisan made and inspired pieces from Guatemala and Mexico. All of their accessories are ethically sourced, one of a kind, and often feature collaborations with the artists themselves.

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Ina Dayle by Ina

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Ina believes that each one of us has a responsibility to preserve a sustainable environment. She decided to start a business where organic and natural ingredients are a top priority.

Handcrafted in Miami, Ina ensures all ingredients are certified organic and are fair trade or are sourced from a local farm. Our personal favorite? Her Coffee Time Scrub ☕️

As someone living with Lyme Disease, Ina believes it’s important to give back. A $1 from each product goes to Lyme Disease research and awareness.

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Jen Zeano Designs by Jen

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Jen is an adventure seeking flower child. Mexicana and proud, she believes any occasion is good enough to celebrate and will never turn down an opportunity to spread kindness. Her clothing line is a celebration and we've all got an invite to the party. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In her own words she creates rad things, for free spirits. From tees, to stickers, from throw pillows, to dad hats, there is something for everyone with a wild heart. Gina Rodriguez has even been spotted wearing her Latina Power tee.

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Rawly Bold by Pamela

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Pamela created Rawly Bold to be a community where positivity was abundant. Seeking to counteract the negativity she felt was taking over the world, she began crafting goods meant to inspire, motivate, and empower.

As part of their mission to inspire and spread positivity, Rawly Bold's apparel is ethically made and they donate a portion of every sale, including:

  • 10% to Planned Parenthood

  • 10% to Every Town

  • 10% to ACLU

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Sanara Skincare by Rebekah

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Rebekah got into DIY skincare after reading about crafting natural soaps in The Nerdy Farm Wife by Jan Berry. From there she joined a few DIY Facebook groups, and the rest is history. Her company, Sanara Skincare, is dedicated to swapping out synthetics and artificial fragrances + colors for natural ingredients like green tea extract, blueberries and rosehip seed oil.

Sanara is rooted in the Spanish word sanará meaning You Will Heal, and Rebekah proudly supports communities that have been historically underserved.

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