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Alice & Trixie by Angela

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Scouting for fashion finds at the age of 10, Angela, encountered her first fashion fix: hot pants. Determined to turn her passion into a career, the native New Yorker later enrolled at FIT and simultaneously landed a job at one of NYC’s premiere boutiques where she would eventually become the head buyer. She went on to found the iconic Alice & Trixie.

Fun Fact: the collection was named as a playful tribute to the heroines of the 1950’s sitcom, The Honeymooners.

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Awe Inspired by Jill

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As a three-time cancer survivor, Jill wanted to create AWE Inspired jewelry so she could help other women celebrate their strength and resilience.

AWE Inspired Jewelry's signature piece is the AWE Medallion. Its four teardrops represent the blood, sweat and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey. She hopes that by displaying this symbol, it will connect a community of survivors to each other.

What's more to love is every time you buy a piece of AWE, they will donate 20% to a charity of your choice.

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Bandier by Jennifer

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Meet Bandier, our favorite female powered find for fashionable activewear.

A few years back, Jennifer asked herself, “Why can’t I find the best selection of fashionable activewear all in one place?” To find her answer, she did what any woman would do if she wants something done right—she did it herself.

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Bing Bang by Anna

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Anna’s background in the blacksmith’s shop inspired the locally-made, Black Label collection. The seasonal statement pieces feature hand-forged details, semi-precious gemstones and beautiful textures for just the right amount of downtown chic.

If you’re looking for something really special, check out her Celestine collection. She’s a big believer in spirituality and was inspired by the stars and celestial bodies. The line launched in October just before the Super Moon. Beautiful work and a beautiful soul. We’re in love.

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Boostwr by Sandra

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When Sandra was 14, she went from an A to a DD cup, creating a life-long yearning for clothes that actually fit.

At 53, after seeing all that the current market has to offer, she decided to create her own line of sleepwear that has support for women who have fuller bust lines and trim frames.

Leveraging her Kickstarter campaign to perfect the sizing, Sandra has created a product she is proud of and will soon introduce a new Busty Bride Nighty to her line.

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ByVlada by Vlada

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Vlada believes everyone in the world should wear a hat. She took that belief and created a line of headwear mixing vintage with modern shapes, vibrant colors, and the highest quality of materials.

Growing up in Ukraine, Vlada’s always had a passion for textiles and design, a tradition passed down from her mother. She wasn’t in the hat business exclusively until she took a course at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she found her true calling.

As she points out, “During the Great Depression, hats were the perfect wardrobe refresher. The stylish accessory allowed women to update their wardrobe without the hefty price tag that came with a new dress or coat”.
ByVlada styles considers her line unisex.

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Daniella Shevel by Daniella

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After college, Daniella gathered her belongings, left her hometown of Johannesburg and moved 8,000 miles away to NYC in pursuit of her dream: to become a shoe designer.

She didn’t know anyone in the city and had no formal shoe design experience, but Daniella’s determination brought her to a job in digital marketing. She worked with fashion brands and grew her network and knowledge of the industry.

Now, at 29, she’s launched her namesake shoe brand, all handmade in Italy and dedicated to functional footwear options for the modern, on-the-go woman.

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Jaxx Hound by Tennille

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Tennille has re-imagined the travel dog tote. Her totes offer functional and stylish carriers that not only keep your hound safe and ready for any adventure with you but they also are the perfect compliment to the fashion conscious dog owner.

They also create matching accessories like collars, leashes and waste bag pouches and all of their products are made in the USA.

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Lunya by Ashley

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Ashley always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. When she caught a glimpse of her frumpy pajama-clad reflection in the mirror one evening, she finally found her product. Craving sleepwear that reflected the woman she felt like, she created Lunya.

At Lunya, Ashley creates gorgeous sleepwear, for women, by women. Their curated collection solves for specific sleep problems — hot sleepers, cold sleepers, midnight nip slips, and wake-me-up wedgies — each piece designed to work together to meet your sleep needs.

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Mi Ola by Helena + Myra

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Helena fell in love with surfing, but she hated her suits.

She searched high and low to find the perfect swim suit that could keep up with all of her energy and desire to still look good. Countless swimsuits later, Helena decided she had to take things into her own hands.

She created Mi Ola, a brand that creates chic, high-performance swimwear for an active lifestyle. Surfing, yoga, bouldering, you name it and these suits can take it and make sure you feel like the gorgeous woman you are.

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MM.LaFleur by Sarah, Miyako + Narie

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When women succeed in the workplace, the world becomes a better place. - MM.LaFleur

Sarah LaFleur, Miyako Nakamura, and Narie Foster are on a mission to take the work out of dressing for work. Sarah decided to harness the power of self presentation, join up with Miyako and Narie, and create a wardrobe solution for professional women. The result? Timeless clothing we can’t get enough of.

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Mother Denim by Lela

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Meet Lela. She's a jean whisperer.

Lela founded MOTHER with Tim nearly a decade ago. With extensive denim backgrounds, the duo were determined to do it all differently.

Their brand evokes the memories and experiences of growing up in 1970's California – what you were wearing, what you were doing, and who you were getting in trouble with. It reflects the freedom to be unfiltered, brazen and above all amusing.

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Nu Market by Carolina + Mark

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Meet Carolina. She was in China on a Fulbright Grant to write a research paper on ethnic minority women artisans and their impact on the local economy when she came up with the idea for Nu Market, a marketplace featuring traditional handicrafts with modern designs.

With every purchase at Nu Market you reinvest in a women artisan, supporting her traditions handed down from generation to generation.

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Rasvet Jewelry Co. by Sasha

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When Sasha’s extreme DIYer fiancé told her he was going to make her wedding ring, she decided to try to do the same.

She immediately fell in love with the process, the alchemy of transforming raw metal and stones into heirlooms to be treasured. Several years later, this new passion became a business.

In her small upstate New York studio, Sasha handcrafts all of her pieces using metalsmithing and ancient lost-wax casting techniques. She creates pieces in small batches or as one of a kind works all with recycled metals.

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Rebecca Allen by Rebecca

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As a black woman working in finance, Rebecca always wanted to look professional without sacrificing clean, sophisticated style. She loved color, but never wore it because she couldn’t find the perfect nude pump to complete her outfits. This simply would not do.

She scoured swatches and borrowed friends’ feet to find five perfect nude shades to complement women from dark to light (+ a cushioned insole + a 75mm heel!) starting a shoe line that has expanded to include flats and strappy heels.

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Sway and Cake by Tamara

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Fashionista Tamara created Sway and Cake to provide Seattle with a modern, personal touch to the typical retail experience.

Championing a brick and mortar location as well as a thriving online presence, Sway and Cake has become a Seattle fashion staple, offering in-person services like, personal styling, personal shopping, and gift registries.

What's next? Tamara just introduced Sway and Cake's first private label collection, in limited edition vintage prints featured on two styles: a dress and a kimono.

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