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BetternessBox by Denise + Kala

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Denise + Kala live by the motto that the two key ingredients to being better people are consistent honesty and humility. If everyone is honest, they can always improve and we all know self care is essential to this process.

The due created BetternessBox to serve as your self-care accountability partner. They curate a goodie box full of fitness, beauty and wellness products each month and we’re obsessed.

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Brass Clothing by Katie + Jay

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Katie + Jay created Brass Clothing because they couldn’t find a clothing brand that fit their needs. No longer in college and moving up in the work world, the pair needed nicer clothes that didn’t break the bank.

Now they produce affordable, quality clothing with an option to buy a curated closet “collection” to catapult you on to the best dressed list at work with the click of a button.

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Dia&Co. by Nadia & Lydia

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Nadia always loved fashion, but struggled to find clothes that fit. Sound familiar, anyone? She teamed up with Lydia and together, they created their plus size clothing line Dia&Co as a way for women like them to embrace their individuality, a place where they can help you explore all the incredible things that style can really do.

Take advantage of their amazing stylists who will help you pick out insta-ready outfit after outfit that are just waiting for a photoshoot.

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Effortless Composition by Brittiny


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Tired of cookie cutter decor from big box stores? So is Brittiny. She’s passionate about her idea that all homes deserve niceties. Things that are memorable and tell a story that embraces the communities they come from as well as the people that made it.

She ran with that idea and created Effortless Composition, a collaborative collection of eclectic home decor brought to life through partnerships with local artisans of color.

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GLO by Zehra + Sophia

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For sisters Zehra and Sophia Naqvi, creating their own clothing brand was a natural step after years of dreaming, drawing and being inspired by the colors and patterns they saw growing up in Hong Kong and Pakistan.

They launched Glo in 2014 after noticing that their friends wanted to wear trendy slogan T-shirts, but couldn’t afford the cost of shipping from the US. Today, their brand is loved all over the world.

They also partner with organizations like The Citizen’s Foundation and the United Nation’s Girl Up program.

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Harper Wilde by Jane + Jenna

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Jane + Jenna created a special bond as they dove head first into the business world of intimates. The absurd things they found inspired them (and got a laugh in pitch meetings) to create Harper Wilde, a brand of intimates women could be proud to stand behind.

Their initiative, “Lift Up The Ladies”, donates a percentage of profits to Girls Inc., helping girls in 400 cities across the United States and Canada gain access to support, mentorship, and guidance in an affirming, pro-girl environment.

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Hi Wildflower Beauty & Fragrance by Tanaïs

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As a writer and novelist, Tanaïs likes to spend her time exploring the world around her, studying feminism and reading. The way she sees it, scents are tiny stories that encompass a vibe, a time, a place.

She got the idea for her company during the writing and research of her first novel, Bright Lines. Hi Wildflower Beauty & Fragrance, an independent beauty & fragrance house.

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Kitty & Vibe by Cameron

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Let’s face it, swimsuit shopping is kinda no fun. Cameron was determined to make this frustrating and anxiety-inducing experience easy and fun.

Kitty and Vibe offers swimsuits customized to fit your style, body, and vibe through a revolutionary sizing metric they dubbed the “Kitty Size” that takes into account your hip AND butt size into account. To top it off, they’ve created an enjoyable at-home try-on experience so you can put on that VS fashion show in the comfort of your own home.

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Okko by Phoebe + Leigha

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Meet Phoebe + Leigha, the women who had enough with underwear that didn’t support their lifestyles, so they decided to create Okko, where they make the perfect foundation pieces.

Okko stands for “Our Kind of Knock Out” because Phoebe + Leigha have made it their mission is to always make you feel like your most knockout self. Timeless and reliable, you can always find your favorites designed to feel as good as they look.

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#PeriodPainFree by Nicole + Lulu


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When Lulu went off birth control, she experienced the most debilitating, stab-me-in-the-uterus cramps, along with a list of other fabulous period symptoms.

She called her BFF Nicole (acupuncturist and herbalist working on her doctoral degree in Chinese medicine and women’s health) and after the herbal healing formula that Nicole had prescribed relieved her of many of her symptoms, the idea for #PeriodPainFree was born.

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Rent the Runway by Jenn

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After watching her sister go into debt for a designer dress, Jenn wondered: why couldn’t they just rent designer items instead? She teamed up with Jenny and the “dynamic closet in the sky” was born. They’ve curated the world’s best closet to borrow from into a billion dollar enterprise that helps to make every woman look and feel their best everyday.

She also launched the Rent the Runway Foundation and created Project Entrepreneur to increase the pipeline of female founders building high-growth companies.

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Superfit Hero by Micki

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Micki is a rockstar athlete and entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the technology and entertainment realms. Hollywood wasn't her bag and Tech proved a little too bro-tastic for her taste so she went out on her own to create Superfit Hero.

Inspired by her roller derby teammates, Micki set out to launch a brand of activewear that celebrates all shapes and sizes. Superfit Hero is bold, beautiful, inclusive, and we’re in love. Psst—don’t forget to check out their database of body positive trainers, gyms and fitness communities.

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Summersalt Swim by Reshma + Lori

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Reshma and Lori created Summersalt for women who are going places. Each piece is created using 1.5 million measurements from the body scans of 10,000 women for the perfect, data-backed fit. Plus, Summersalt swimwear is made from recycled materials, provides 50+ UPF sun protection, and has 4x the compression of the average suit. Sunshine here we come!

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Us Two Tea by Maggie


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Frustrated by the lack of Asian brands in the US, Maggie started Us Two Tea solely to make tea from Taiwan more accessible to people in the US.

As she started on her journey and tea farmers in Taiwan close to her age, she was inspired by the tradition of handing tea farming down through the generations. She now wanted to be able to do the same by sharing tea from Taiwan with her friends in the states.

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