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The FNL Journal by Teresa

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Teresa started her company before she realized it started.

After overcoming a 4 year struggle with not liking the way she looked, two eating disorders and a general lack of confidence, Teresa felt energized to create something that would help women like her not have to travel that journey alone.

She believes that you have to empower yourself and change your life by improving your daily fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. So, she created the FNL Journal to walk women through the journey to self love and confidence.

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Jenks Fashionique by Ikaneisha

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Ikaneisha got the idea for her business, Jenks Fashionique, when she was a newlywed. She was homeless, unemployed and dealing with depression.

In her darkest hour, she decided to see the light. She wanted to create a business that had the chance to make a difference in women’s lives. Her idea would combine the boutique experience online along with a place where women like her could come to learn about business and boost their confidence in the process by providing free or low cost business guides and lessons for new entrepreneurs.

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