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Nina Berenato by Nina

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Nina started her line in the back of an Airstream (Goals!). She’s now set up shop in her store front in Austin, Texas, where she sells her carefully handcrafted jewelry designs and also curates pieces from other local women artisans she offers for sale.

A portion of proceeds from the Making It Together Necklace goes directly into a fund for grants given to female-owned businesses. Every time the fund gets $5,000, she gives a grant.

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Andieanderin by Cara + Lisa

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After years of wanting to work together, Cara + Lisa landed on the perfect idea: they were going to bring back the necktie to highlight notable women of the past and present.

They released their original seven silk pussybows under the name Andieanderin and have slowly added to their lineup over the years to include icons like Beyonce and Melinda Gates.

They donate a portion of each sale to an organization that inspires young women to reach for their wildest dreams versus question their abilities.

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Baby Baazaar by Supriya

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When Supriya came home to NYC after spending three years living in India, she had the idea to share some inspiring Indian artisanal businesses she had discovered.

The combination of this inside knowledge and her degrees in Textile/Surface Design and Elementary Education led her to create a collection of thoughtfully designed toys and textiles for babies and toddlers.

The entire line is created by encouraging India locals to continue using their traditional skills and methods and are paid fair wages.

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Bagtazo by Courtney

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Changemakers, meet Courtney. With a mother from the Phillippines, an Irish-American father and a long-time babysitter from El Salvador, her identity was heavily shaped by these cultures as she grew up. She started making jewelry when she was 5-years-old.

After years of people buying whatever piece she was wearing off of her, she created her line of accessories, Bagtazo. Her designs are timeless and come in various price ranges, so everyone can have access to luxury hats, jewelry and accessories.

A portion of their annual sales is donated to Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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Brass Clothing by Katie + Jay

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Katie + Jay created Brass Clothing because they couldn’t find a clothing brand that fit their needs. No longer in college and moving up in the work world, the pair needed nicer clothes that didn’t break the bank.

Now they produce affordable, quality clothing with an option to buy a curated closet “collection” to catapult you on to the best dressed list at work with the click of a button.

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Cel Sal Home Fragrance + Stationery by Aracely

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Changemakers, tip your hat to Aracely from the Lone Star State. She’s the hands behind Cel Sal Home Fragrance + Stationary.

She uses organic coconut wax blends and hand pours each bunch of candles to create a true small batch eco-conscious, cruelty-free experience. Plus she also has greeting cards, pins and other fun goodies featuring some of our favorite changemakers like Selena and Beyoncé.

Dying to smell these in person? North Texans can check out her pop-up dates here!

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Due East by Mollie


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“There is so much magic in Marrakech, and the heart of it is in the medina, which dates to the 10th century.” -Mollie

If you travel Due East from the state of Texas along the 31° N latitude line, you'll hit Morocco. The idea that this establishes a unique connection between the two places is what inspired Mollie to create Due East where she works with local artisans in Morocco to curate home goods that highlight the subtle connections between the two places.

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Imani Collective by Jenny


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“Trust me,” she said. “We’re going to build something beautiful.” And they did.

Jenny’s mission at Imani Collective is to create a space for local Kenyans to sell their crafts online, a place where they can dream bigger.

Discover the full collection of woven rugs, tapestries, blankets, pillows, and oh so much more. Personally, they had us at llama pillow.

With every purchase at Imani Collective you support an artisan in Kenya.

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Janis Studios by Janis

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Originally from Paris, Janis moved to the states in 2012 after graduating college. An overwhelming need to revamp her wardrobe without buying new clothes led to the creation of Janis Embroidery, where she was able to “tattoo” her clothes and give them new life.

After realizing its potential as a business, Janis parted ways with her career in film and after success with brands like Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue, she created Janis Studios.

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Kitty & Vibe by Cameron

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Let’s face it, swimsuit shopping is kinda no fun. Cameron was determined to make this frustrating and anxiety-inducing experience easy and fun.

Kitty and Vibe offers swimsuits customized to fit your style, body, and vibe through a revolutionary sizing metric they dubbed the “Kitty Size” that takes into account your hip AND butt size into account. To top it off, they’ve created an enjoyable at-home try-on experience so you can put on that VS fashion show in the comfort of your own home.

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Living Threads Co. by Amanda

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Amanda worked with non-profits for over 10 years and it was there that she got to learn from and develop relationships with the amazing people that today make up the artisans behind Living Threads Co. today.

She founded the company with a mission to do good by supporting artisans and directly connecting consumers with the women and men who create their products.

Amanda travels the world building and sustaining these relationships through partnerships, training, microcredit and investments into the communities these artisans live in.

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Olli Ella by Olivia + Chloe

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Meet the changemaker sister duo, Chloe + Olivia, the creators behind lifestyle brand Olli Ella. Ollie Ella is a combination of their first and middle names and they also draw inspiration from their childhoods spent traveling.

Created as they were searching for a “creative outlet” when ironically, the two were working together at an art gallery. What started as a range of nursing chairs (which Harrods picked up!), has blossomed into a lifestyle brand featuring apparel and home goods for big and small folk.

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Philadelphia Printworks by Maryam


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Meet Maryam. She truly believes you should take the tools you have to dismantle systems of oppression. She has assembled a team of some of the best creatives around to produce apparel inspired by social justice issues while continuing on the DIY screenprinting tradition.

Using discussions among their online community, she uses those experiences, revelations and frustrations to inspire their next pieces like one of our favs the, “Thank Black Women” shirt.

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Pivotte by Evelyn + Yehua

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Evelyn + Yehua are childhood best friends who shared a love of design—and a shared hatred of women’s pants.

Yehua + Evelyn first met as roommates at a Math and Science boarding school. After attending different universities, they found themselves in NYC pursuing separate careers. Busy schedules demanded clothes that could keep up, but they found viable options lacking. And Pivotte was born, guided by the mission to fuel women’s success through beautiful, functional clothing that inspires confidence.

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Skylar Yoo by Alice

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The historical Women’s March not only brought out over 5 million people worldwide to advocate for women’s rights, it also It was also inspired Alice to create her brand, Skylar Yoo.

Inspired by that powerful feminine energy, her team and artists from around the world, create feminist apparel that sparkle and shine.

20% of profits go to The Malala Fund, and Bring Change to Mind.

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Softwear by Sabrina + Craig

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After a hunt for the perfect leisurewear, Sabrina couldn’t find a brand that encompassed timeless style, high quality, affordability and was also ethically made.

After teaming up with co-founder Craig - the duo sourced local Brooklyn manufacturers, sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes. They were able to create a fabric so soft, they call it cloudweave around the office.

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Symbology by Marissa

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Marissa was inspired to create Symbology while on a research trip to India to understand how fair trade empowers craftswomen (changemakers—you have to check out her TED Talk). As she watched Gita, a young mother of three, block print beautiful designs onto a tablecloth, Marissa envisioned it as a beautiful dress. It was her aha moment, a way to merge her passion for fashion design with that for women's empowerment.

Symbology uses fashion to empower women, preserve their handmade crafts and provide sustained employment and fair wages to marginalized artisans. This in turn allows their entire community to flourish.

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Underbares by Genevieve

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When Genevieve got home after a long day at Merrill Lynch, the first thing she would do was take off her bra. Sound familiar, changemakers?

She struggled to find a bra that fit her personality and one day she decided to create her own. This inspired her to launch Underbares, her line of pared-back bras in black, white and a range of nudes, ethically made in the USA. Plus all of their packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.

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Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry by Valerie

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Valerie got a degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management before discovering her love of jewelry design. Designing simple, minimal fine jewelry in Seattle, Washington, Valerie has found ways to incorporate sustainable and ethical techniques.

Sourcing from diamond vendors that comply with strict UN and Kimberly Process standards as well as using recycled metals are just a few ways Valerie ensures her designs have a smaller footprint.

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