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Awe Inspired by Jill

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As a three-time cancer survivor, Jill wanted to create AWE Inspired jewelry so she could help other women celebrate their strength and resilience.

AWE Inspired Jewelry's signature piece is the AWE Medallion. Its four teardrops represent the blood, sweat and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey. She hopes that by displaying this symbol, it will connect a community of survivors to each other.

What's more to love is every time you buy a piece of AWE, they will donate 20% to a charity of your choice.

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The Crescendo Group by Amy

Amy created The Crescendo Group to work with female survivors of armed conflicts and gender-based violence (GBV) to help them gain financial independence by helping them develop a marketplace for their handmade items.

They partner with local NGOs to provide support with shipping logistics, promotions and sales. Empowering these women helps to build up not only their lives, but also attracts more investment into their communities, creating more opportunities and increasing quality of life.

They have 3 partner NGOs in Kosovo and 3 in Washington D.C.. They plan to expand to Albania, Bangladesh, Turkey and Jordan in the near future.

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Girlfriend Collective by Ellie

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ICYMI, Girlfriend Collective offered free leggings for the price of shipping a year back. The too-good-to-be-true leggings are made from 25 recycled water bottles and are sustainably made in Hanoi, Vietnam. Did they live up to the hype? Us ladies at Dough vote a resounding YES (we may even be typing this wearing Girlfriend leggings now).

Ellie and husband + co-founder, Quang have since added a variety of colors and have extended the collection to include bras and tops.

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Ina Dayle by Ina

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Ina believes that each one of us has a responsibility to preserve a sustainable environment. She decided to start a business where organic and natural ingredients are a top priority.

Handcrafted in Miami, Ina ensures all ingredients are certified organic and are fair trade or are sourced from a local farm. Our personal favorite? Her Coffee Time Scrub ☕️

As someone living with Lyme Disease, Ina believes it’s important to give back. A $1 from each product goes to Lyme Disease research and awareness.

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Literati by Jessica + Kelly

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Jessica + Kelly wanted their kids to fall in love with reading, so they made it their mission to support parents who wanted to do the same.

Getting started is as easy as A - B - C: pick your child's age, subscribe and enjoy reading new bedtime stories you can keep if you love and send back the rest.

They also accept donated books, where they gift wrap, provide personalized book plates and donate them to children in need.

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Me & The Bees Lemonade by Mikaila

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When Mikaila was thinking up an idea for her entry into Acton's Business Fair she was stung by a bee, beginning her fascination with them. Me & The Bees was born after she realized her Great Granny Helen's recipe for flaxseed lemonade was the perfect product to help #SaveTheBees by sweetening it with local honey. 🐝

Her company donates a percentage of all profits to organizations fighting hard to save the honeybees. You can grab a bottle at Whole Foods, Wegman's and more.

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Mersur by Sarah

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Sarah founded Mersur to inspire women to be the muse of their own lives. Her line of beach gowns, swimsuit cover-ups and resort style dresses epitomizes the jet setting, endless summer feel of Southern California and Rio de Janeiro.

On a mission to empower, a percentage of sales is donated to Stoked, a non-profit which employs the sports, cultures, and industries of action sports to propel youth from underserved communities to successful futures.

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Nu Market by Carolina + Mark

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Meet Carolina. She was in China on a Fulbright Grant to write a research paper on ethnic minority women artisans and their impact on the local economy when she came up with the idea for Nu Market, a marketplace featuring traditional handicrafts with modern designs.

With every purchase at Nu Market you reinvest in a women artisan, supporting her traditions handed down from generation to generation.

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One For Women by Meg

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When a friend had a bad week, Meg + Heidi had an idea: what if you could send something more meaningful than flowers without hurting your wallet? Together, they created One For Women where they curate products created by women-owned companies. They’ve made it super simple to celebrate all of the amazing ladies in your life and we’re totally on board.

A portion of their proceeds go back to women’s non-profit organizations like She’s the First and Every Mother Counts.

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Que by Jean + Kevin

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After traveling for two years, Jean and Kevin found themselves frustrated with the options for sustainable, portable water bottles. Inspired, they spent several months of prototyping and development until Que, a collapsible and fashionable water bottle, was born.

13K supporters on Kickstarter later, they funded the manufacturing, and since then, their unique design and philosophy has been not only featured but praised by The Museum of Modern Art, The de Young, and The Smithsonian Museum.

As part of their mission, Que donates a portion of their sales to non-profits in order to make a direct impact in the fight to protect our planet and natural resources.

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Rawly Bold by Pamela

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Pamela created Rawly Bold to be a community where positivity was abundant. Seeking to counteract the negativity she felt was taking over the world, she began crafting goods meant to inspire, motivate, and empower.

As part of their mission to inspire and spread positivity, Rawly Bold's apparel is ethically made and they donate a portion of every sale, including:

  • 10% to Planned Parenthood

  • 10% to Every Town

  • 10% to ACLU

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Renewal Mill by Claire + Caroline

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When Claire was in her early 20s, she was diagnosed with cancer, causing her entire perspective on health to shift drastically.

Claire began her second company, Renewal Mill, after she figured out how to use a superfood called "okara," and partnered with Caroline to help the company grow. Okara is a flour made from soybean pulp, something that would otherwise be considered waste. Their first product, okara, is both organic, non-GMO and helps to keep your heart and muscles strong while keeping your waist slim.

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Round Plus Square by Henriette

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Inspired by Equality Now, a nonprofit protecting the human rights of women and girls around the world, Henriette Ernst created Round Plus Square, a conscious fashion brand.

Every purchase from Round Plus Square supports Equality Now while each piece is thoughtfully crafted to convey messages of peace, prosperity and gender equality. 

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Skylar by Cat

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After working at The Honest Company, Cat started noticing the strange ingredients in her bath and body products. When she was on the hunt for a fragrance that didn't contain allergens, harmful chemicals, and smelled fresh, she couldn't find one. Her journey inspired her to create Skylar, a collection of perfumes free of chemicals and allergens.

As part of their mission, Skylar contributes a portion of their sales and time to Step Up, a non-profit that provides mentorship for underprivileged high school girls.

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Slow Factory by Céline

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Céline founded The Slow Factory as a fashion tech lab that creates accessories and clothing. They do rad things like printing digital images from NASA on natural Italian silks and creating the most beautiful scarves you've ever seen. Each collection is designed to tell a greater story about human rights and environmental awareness, supporting the work of a partner NGO.

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STATE Backpacks by Jacq

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Look beyond the beautiful, minimal backpacks. Jacq and her team at STATE are big on giving back. For starters, with every bag purchase, they hand deliver a backpack full of supplies to a kid in need in New York City.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

They're also big on community events which range from bag drops to their “PackWomen” and “PackMen” lead motivational rallies, where kids leave with a belief in themselves as well as a brand new backpack.

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TOP The Organic Project by Thyme

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Thyme worked in consumer products for over 20 years studying the increase of additives and artificial ingredients in our foods. She became aware of the impact of what we put in our bodies every day and one day asked herself, what about our period products?

Discovering companies included harmful ingredients in feminine care products led her to create TOP The Organic Project. TOP sells 100% organic and biodegradable feminine hygiene products with a mission to educate women everywhere on ingredients in your healthcare products as well as providing a place to buy safe alternatives.

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Trouble Muffin by Jacy + John

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Meet Trouble Muffin. A clothing line crafted by wife and husband duo Jacy and John from the heart of New York City.

Their apparel only uses organic supima cotton fabric milled in LA while their shirts are dyed, sewn and printed by partners in the Bay Area. Real nice clothes made by real nice people.

Passionate about giving back, 5% of all of their profits go to organizations that benefit our community.

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