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Gobble by Ooshma

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Meet Ooshma! Inspired by the love and connection shown through food, she used food science to crack the code for her perfect meal delivery service: Gobble.

Working for years developing recipes based on Mise en place (the kind of food prep like in restaurants), with some help from a Michelin Star chef, together they’ve created unique options that only need 1 pan and 10-15 minutes to create insta-worthy meals. Yes, please.

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PleaseNotes by Cheryl

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When Cheryl quit her job in corporate America, she couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward. She knew she wanted to start something that fulfilled her, however she also knew that her self-confidence wasn’t in the place to support any new ideas that she had.

She dove in working on herself through using affirmations and journalling. This inspired her to create PleaseNotes, a line of affirmation-filled goods created to help you become your favorite version of you by discovering what life outside of a 9-5 can look like.

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