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25th & June by Nexus

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We're fangirling over Nexus and her nail elixirs from 25th & June. "I've always had big hair, a big heart, and big ideas. So when I started 25th & June Nail Elixir on my bedroom floor, I did it with nothing but a passion for all-things-pretty, my pure obsession with nail polish, and a desire to create something bigger than myself."
Toxin-Free ☑️
Vegan-friendly ☑️
Cute AF ☑️

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2 Goats + 2 Acres by Tirzah

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Say hello to Tirzah. Ever since she was little, she imagined herself surrounded by animals and tending to my own little plot of land. She made her dreams, reality.

Today, Tirzah owns 2 goats + 2 acres, where she raises goats, who in turn produce the milk she uses in her line of products. Grounded in the belief that skin products should be simply made, she creates products like soap, body oil and body scrubs.

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Avery Grey Soapery by Meagan

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After Meagan had children, she longed to find a way to spend more time with them. So, she got the idea to start her business, Avery Grey Soapery.

Since the business opened, it’s become more than that and has blossomed into Meagan’s own way of slowing down to spend some time with herself and to create products that encourage other moms to do the same. Her hope is that her products will be what stops moms at the end of a hectic day so they can take some time to relax.

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BetternessBox by Denise + Kala

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Denise + Kala live by the motto that the two key ingredients to being better people are consistent honesty and humility. If everyone is honest, they can always improve and we all know self care is essential to this process.

The due created BetternessBox to serve as your self-care accountability partner. They curate a goodie box full of fitness, beauty and wellness products each month and we’re obsessed.

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Be Transcendent by Janeya

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Meet Janeya of Be Transcendent. She hand crafts skincare products with 100% natural oils and organic ingredients with no preservatives, added dyes, fillers or unnecessarily added fragrances.

Their collections are crafted for three skin types and feature ingredients like honey, ylang-ylang oil, safflower oil, linoleic acid, frankincense oil, aloe vera gel and white beeswax.

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Beauty Bakerie by Cashmere


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Meet Cashmere. She started Beauty Bakerie as a passion project while she was battling breast cancer. Before she started crafting cruelty-free, makeup, she put herself through college and nursing school, while being a single mother. Through her hardship, her mission is to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others.

Now, she's grown the indie makeup brand to a $5M empire and her makeup has been spotted on both Beyonce and Cardi B. She embodies positivity and the girl boss hustle.

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Butter Skin by Ebyan


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Ebyan was on her own personal journey to find natural ways of healing her eczema when she came up with the idea for her company, Butter Skin.

Driven by the studies that prove women of color have higher levels of environmental chemicals in their bodies from daily skin and hair care regiments, she created a line of clean, skincare.

1% of product sales goes to programs that lift children out of poverty and ensure their access to safe housing, health care and quality education.

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Even Keel by En

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Sun-Infused Herbs ✔️ A founder who
takes trips to continually discover new ingredients ✔️ Products created with respect for the Earth ✔️ Sound like your kind of company? Meet Even Keel.
When En realized her family background in herbs was, in fact, her calling, she combined Eastern Roots and Western Herbs to create a gorgeous, vegan bath & body line. Always handcrafted in small batches, her specialty is working with Earth’s natural clays, oils and botanicals.

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Feather & Bone by Shubhangini

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Like so many of us, when Shubhangini was a teenager, she had a bad reaction to a face wash. After searching high and low, unable to find a product that fit her needs, she decided to create one herself. Through curiosity and research came her Face Gems: a skin cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator all packaged in a single-serve, liquid-free tablet.

It was important to Shubhangini that her formula was gentle enough for all skin types, so they only contain three natural ingredients: Fuller's Earth (clay), Sandalwood, and Corn Starch. That's it!

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Gilded Glamour by Blair

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Blair and her clients were tired of being disappointed time and time again with what they could find at the drug store for dryness, dark spots and uneven skin tone spots on their faces.

She combined her medical knowledge, the latest research and her passion for all things beauty to develop her line of skincare specifically formulated for the body.

Taking inspiration from the ancient practice of gilding (using gold leaf) they’ve created an amazing line that includes a butt balm we’re obsessed with.

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Glamsquad by Amy

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Meet, Amy. She changed the hair game with her app, Glamsquad, the “Uber of Beauty” if you will. The app lets you order on-demand technicians to do your hair, makeup and nails in the comfort of your home, hotel room, even at the office! They used feedback from hundreds of their appointments to gather top-notch research and also developed their own line of hair care products. Go ahead and add a manicure to your coffee delivery.

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Hi Wildflower Beauty & Fragrance by Tanaïs

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As a writer and novelist, Tanaïs likes to spend her time exploring the world around her, studying feminism and reading. The way she sees it, scents are tiny stories that encompass a vibe, a time, a place.

She got the idea for her company during the writing and research of her first novel, Bright Lines. Hi Wildflower Beauty & Fragrance, an independent beauty & fragrance house.

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Hunny Bunny by Zuri + Nya

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Looking for your next obsession? The little hands at Hunny Bunny create all-natural bath and beauty products from body bars to facial masks.

Leigh created the company for her two daughters, Zuri and Nya, in more ways than one. Together, they formulated the products for sensitive skin like their own and together, they create everything sold in their boutique.

All of their items are handmade with care and superior ingredients. Because ingredients in skincare and haircare products are absorbed into your bloodstream, the crew at Hunnybunny believes it's important to know what you're putting on your skin. They use only natural and healthy ingredients in their products, many of them being food-based items you will find in your kitchen.

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Huda Beauty by Huda

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Huda began her journey as a beauty blogger, passionate about sharing her makeup artistry to the world. Three years later, she launched a line of eyelashes with Sephora.

Huda Beauty now has over 28 million followers on Instagram and a line of beauty products including liquid lipsticks, lip contour pencils, textured eyeshadow palettes, and complexion products.

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Ina Dayle by Ina

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Ina believes that each one of us has a responsibility to preserve a sustainable environment. She decided to start a business where organic and natural ingredients are a top priority.

Handcrafted in Miami, Ina ensures all ingredients are certified organic and are fair trade or are sourced from a local farm. Our personal favorite? Her Coffee Time Scrub ☕️

As someone living with Lyme Disease, Ina believes it’s important to give back. A $1 from each product goes to Lyme Disease research and awareness.

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Milk and Honey by Alissa

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Alissa Bayer originally launched Milk and Honey as a spa a decade ago and founded it with a few principals in mind: to create an one of a kind experience, commit to clean ingredients in their products, enrich their employees' lives, and give back to the community.

Now, Milk and Honey includes three spas, five salons, and their own line of organic products developed with the help of estheticians, massage therapists, and stylists.

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Mudhead by Teresa

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We’re in love with Teresa's colorful, all natural, skin care line. MudHead's ingredients, which include wild chamomile, blue corn meal, and juniper berries, are harvested from the Hopi reservation in northeastern Arizona.

The story behind the name? The MudHead is a spiritual kachina who has a jovial, whimsical spirit, and is also a medicinal healer.

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Nail Snaps by Angel + Sarah

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Did you know #nailart is one of the top 5 most shared things on Instagram and Pinterest?

Nail polish evolved from car enamel around 100 years ago and not much has changed since. Angel and Sarah teamed up in 2014 to create Nail Snaps with the goal of making it easy for everyone to have the nail designs of their dreams without all the mess and toxicity.

Today, their NailSnaps platform features over 50,000 designs by nail artists and fans who have created nail designs via their mobile app.

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