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Alphabet Legends by Beck

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While teaching one of her daughters the alphabet, Beck decided to create a more personalized A to Z to create meaningful conversations around each of those 26 letters we all know and love.

She shared her alphabet illustrations on Instagram and soon Alphabet Legends was born. There is an entire collection of books, each with their own themes such as Fashion Legends and Little Legends. Our favorite should be no surprise, it's The Lady Legends.

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Bharat Babies by Sailaja

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When Sailaja was preparing for her first little changemaker to come into the world, she was on a mission to find books about Indian culture to share with her newborn daughter.

Of the few books that spoke to heritage, she realized that none of these books took into account the developmental needs of her child. This gave her the idea for Bharat Babies, a publishing house looking to bridge the diversity gap in children's literature, one story at a time.

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Card Carrying Books & Gifts by Randi + Sarah

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After the 2016 election, feminist besties Randi + Sarah joked about wanting a feminist clubhouse. Fast forward to to having a storefront in New York where they sell books, gifts, apparel and prints.

Not in New York? The pair also curates a subscription book box where each month you’ll get a handpicked book, a fun feminist-y gift, and activism materials outlining steps to create real change.

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Feminist Book Club by Renee

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Meet Renee. She’s made it easy to stay caught up with the latest feminist literature with her community-driven subscription box, Feminist Book Club. Each month you’ll receive a book by a trailblazing woman along with goodies made by women owned and queer-owned businesses. Members suggest books and votes to decide which book will be in the next box.

A portion of all sales are donated to different feminist organizations including Peaceful Families Project and Safe BAE.

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The FNL Journal by Teresa

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Teresa started her company before she realized it started.

After overcoming a 4 year struggle with not liking the way she looked, two eating disorders and a general lack of confidence, Teresa felt energized to create something that would help women like her not have to travel that journey alone.

She believes that you have to empower yourself and change your life by improving your daily fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. So, she created the FNL Journal to walk women through the journey to self love and confidence.

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Grammy and Me by Tyrah Majors

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Tyrah likes to consider herself a hyphen - a woman of many passions. She’s a children’s book author, model and talk show host to name a few. 

Her love of writing led her to author the children's book, Grammy and Me, about a day in the life of a young girl and her great grandmother. She also started a talk show this year titled, Major Moves with Tyrah Majors, featuring interviews with young entrepreneurs.

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Literati by Jessica + Kelly

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Jessica + Kelly wanted their kids to fall in love with reading, so they made it their mission to support parents who wanted to do the same.

Getting started is as easy as A - B - C: pick your child's age, subscribe and enjoy reading new bedtime stories you can keep if you love and send back the rest.

They also accept donated books, where they gift wrap, provide personalized book plates and donate them to children in need.

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Marley Dias Gets it Done by Marley

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"Frustration is fuel that can lead to the development of an innovative and useful idea."

A true inspiration, Marley set out on a mission in 2015 called 1,000 Black Girl Books. Her goal was simple: collect and donate 1,000 books that feature black girls as the main character. Today, she has accumulated more than 9,000 books and wrote about her journey in her own novel. ⠀⠀

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Ms. Cheat Sheet by Kathryn

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”Most people avoid the truth because it's uncomfortable; I love comedy because comedians tell the truth in a funny relatable way.”

Kathryn thinks finance should be easy, not confusing. So, with over 15 years of experience in the finance world (and some training at Upright Citizens Brigade in Improv Comedy), she started The Ms. Cheat Sheet newsletter, a mix of pop culture and finance delivered straight to your inbox.

Since starting her business, she has grown to include her newsletter, a podcast and even written books to help people better understand what is normally a taboo and complicated topic.

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One Part Plant by Jessica

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Jessica's mission? For you to eat one plant-based meal each day. Six years ago, she had a diet consisting of TV dinners, sodas and gummies. Her endometriosis was causing her so much pain, the last medical option open to her was a hysterectomy.
As she was contemplating the surgery, a friend introduced her to a diet that was supposed to help endometriosis. Desperate for a non-surgical solution, she tried it out. Several weeks later, her pain and depression had started to fade.

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Persistent Sisters by Ellen

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Made to celebrate the trailblazing women throughout history, Persistent Sisters is the perfect gift for the little changemaker in your life.

An artist, Ellen began illustrating historical icons to teach her daughter about awe-inspiring women from history. Persistent Sisters was founded when she quickly realized trading cards were an accessible and flexible way to teach and empower children. The collection continues to grow, currently spanning the fields of science, exploration, writing, mathematics, and art.

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Spark Joy by Marie

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By her mid-twenties, Marie had a thriving organizing consultancy in Tokyo. Her list of clients quickly grew, resulting in a waitlist, which in turn sparked her first novel: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Her philosophy includes cherishing the things that spark joy and rather than aggressively tossing clutter into the trash, she encourages that any item can be given a ceremonial goodbye, a brief pause to reflect.⠀

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