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Alyson Jon Life by Alyson

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Say hello to Alyson. An Ohio transplant living in NYC, she’s designed for companies like Banana Republic and Victoria's Secret.

She started Alyson Jon Life from her Brooklyn apartment, focusing on handmade jewelry. She’s now branched into surface design (aka print design, illustration and embroidery) and workshops after she fell in love with encouraging people to create their own style.

p.s. you have to check out her Medium post on her idea to get more women in leadership roles.

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Ateiler 880 by Claudine

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Claudine came up with the idea for Ateiler 880 when she found herself burning two (or more) candles to find the perfect scent for her home. Seeking inspiration from Mies van der Rohe's iconic 860-880 North Lakeshore Drive, she created candles with minimal packaging and homey, unique scents.

She hand pours all of her candles in small batches using 100% domestically grown soy wax, cotton braided wicks and phthalate-free essential oils and fragrance oils sourced from around the world.

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Berte by Aimée

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After more than a decade in the production industry, frequent travel and constant stress left Aimée feeling burnt out. Cue that scary question….what did she really want?

She created Berte as a way to look inward and help herself and others realize that surrounding your home and life with beautiful, carefully made things slows you down and helps you appreciate your little corner of the world.

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Blue Sage Eco Boutique by Christina

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Inspired by the way candles have the power to change the energy of a room, Christina started hand pouring her own. Her eco-friendly and handcrafted candles promote personal growth, peace and prosperity. What's not to love?

Passionate about our environment, Christina creates products that are earth friendly, made well and affordable. 

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BOXFOX by Chelsea, Jenni + Sabena

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When a close friend got sick and they couldn’t find the right thing to send her to make her feel like they were there, Chelsea + Jenni + Sabena got the idea for their gifting company, BOXFOX.

The trio created a simple platform where you pick a gift that’s insta-ready and personal. Choose from a thematic option, expertly curated option or build a custom gift box. They top each gift with a handwritten note and ship around the world.

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Boundless Rugs by Maddy

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Maddy came up with her idea for her company Boundless Rugs when a bout of decision paralysis hit when she was shopping online for a significant purchase.

She brought together the amazing Boundless Rugs team and created rugs that are easy to maintain and totally wonderful to walk on. Using fabrics that can withstand high foot traffic and the mess that comes with kids and pets, they make sure all cleaning of their rugs is easy-peasy.

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CanDid Art by Candice


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After Candice chatted with a friend about her love of funky jewelry, she went on YouTube and taught herself how to create her first pair of earrings.

With more practice and her growing weariness of the corporate world, Candice quit her sales job at Coca-Cola and took her jewelry-making full time with her company, CanDid Art.

Taking inspiration from her parents and the creative people she meets, she handcrafts swoon-worthy pieces inspired by research and affinity with African visual culture, indigenous design, and cosmic geometry.

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Cel Sal Home Fragrance + Stationery by Aracely

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Changemakers, tip your hat to Aracely from the Lone Star State. She’s the hands behind Cel Sal Home Fragrance + Stationary.

She uses organic coconut wax blends and hand pours each bunch of candles to create a true small batch eco-conscious, cruelty-free experience. Plus she also has greeting cards, pins and other fun goodies featuring some of our favorite changemakers like Selena and Beyoncé.

Dying to smell these in person? North Texans can check out her pop-up dates here!

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Chicks Love Candles by Christina

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Meet Christina. She opened up shop to create candles, something she thought women would enjoy and find useful at the same time. With yummy flavors like blueberry cheesecake, sea salt + orchid and vanilla hazelnut, she handcrafts each candle or wax melt (which can be made to order!) to make sure no two candles are alike.

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The Crescendo Group by Amy

Amy created The Crescendo Group to work with female survivors of armed conflicts and gender-based violence (GBV) to help them gain financial independence by helping them develop a marketplace for their handmade items.

They partner with local NGOs to provide support with shipping logistics, promotions and sales. Empowering these women helps to build up not only their lives, but also attracts more investment into their communities, creating more opportunities and increasing quality of life.

They have 3 partner NGOs in Kosovo and 3 in Washington D.C.. They plan to expand to Albania, Bangladesh, Turkey and Jordan in the near future.

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Craft Sierra Madre by Arianna + Mike

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Arianna created Craft to be a space where you can create, be inspired, and develop community.

She wanted to foster every kind of creative art form from hands on experiences that catering to little kids and adults. She wanted a space that wasn’t a popup where people could come year round to create.

Her dream of Craft has turned into a modern craft supply and DIY workspace located in Sierra Madre, stocked with a carefully curated selection of DIY supplies that are also available online.

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Doris Sleep by Tracey

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Tracey created Doris Sleep with her grandfather’s work ethic and his motto in mind: “What you buy matters. Who you buy it from does, too.“

Each pillow is made with 14 recycled plastic bottles. The pillows are hypoallergenic, lofty, machine-washable and blown with 100% rPET certified plastic bottle fiber fill that feels gel-like to maintain coolness through the entire night. She also worked hard to ensure every single fiber is manufactured and sourced in the US, and from recycled – not virgin – plastics.

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Due East by Mollie


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“There is so much magic in Marrakech, and the heart of it is in the medina, which dates to the 10th century.” -Mollie

If you travel Due East from the state of Texas along the 31° N latitude line, you'll hit Morocco. The idea that this establishes a unique connection between the two places is what inspired Mollie to create Due East where she works with local artisans in Morocco to curate home goods that highlight the subtle connections between the two places.

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Effortless Composition by Brittiny


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Tired of cookie cutter decor from big box stores? So is Brittiny. She’s passionate about her idea that all homes deserve niceties. Things that are memorable and tell a story that embraces the communities they come from as well as the people that made it.

She ran with that idea and created Effortless Composition, a collaborative collection of eclectic home decor brought to life through partnerships with local artisans of color.

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Effie's Paper :: Stationery&Whatnot by Kalyn

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Kalyn is a lawyer turned fashion stylist turned stationer/graphic designer. Get that all? This superwoman is the creator of Effie’s Paper :: Stationery&Whatnot.

Named after her grandmother, Effie, who believed that a woman should always carry a hanky and be able to write a wicked thank you note. Channeling Effie’s creativity, Kalyn creates the cutest stationary, office products and accessories. Their products exude her belief that the #FutureIsFemale and is being shaped by the power of #BlackGirlMagic. We are so here for this.

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Gathre by Marilee and Jessica

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Meet Marilee and Jessica. The mom duo began Gathre after cleaning toddler spills from an outdoor picnic. Launching on Kickstarter, they raised over $75K to create modern, wipeable mats made from leather.

Gathre now features a wide assortment of mats for tummy time, yoga, meal time, and more. We're currently crushing on their world map prints, recently back in stock.

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Hello World Paper Co. by Kelly

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Kelly was a first grade teacher before she decided to quit her job and start her business, Hello World Paper Co. Two years later, she convinced her best friend, who was also a teacher, to quit and join her.

What was once a dream, is now a laser engraving studio in Illinois that specializes in rubber stamps and laser engraved home goods and gifts.

With every purchase, they give back a portion of their proceeds towards building a school for kids in need with Pencils of Promise.

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Imani Collective by Jenny


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“Trust me,” she said. “We’re going to build something beautiful.” And they did.

Jenny’s mission at Imani Collective is to create a space for local Kenyans to sell their crafts online, a place where they can dream bigger.

Discover the full collection of woven rugs, tapestries, blankets, pillows, and oh so much more. Personally, they had us at llama pillow.

With every purchase at Imani Collective you support an artisan in Kenya.

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Marvel + Moon by Trista

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Trista has always had the impulse to collect nature’s little beauties: a sprig of mint from a bush outside the Salem Witch House, a dried rose from a dear friend’s wedding, an acorn from her ancestral land.

Inspired by her college dissertation on witchcraft, folklore and the power of spectral evidence in contemporary poetry, she create Marvel + Moon, a candle company that combines the joy of collecting small momentos and her love of the flame.

The 100% soy candles are hand poured in small batches with a variety of organic herbs, a cotton wick, and an ethically sourced gemstone that you can save once the candle has burnt out.

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Magik Vibes by Kelsey

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Kelsey was beyond burnt out with her fast-paced career in politics and the corporate world when she discovered the world of alternative healing. Her passion for well being and sharing her experience with fellow workaholics led her to found Magik Vibes.

Kelsey teaches, creates intention kits, crystals and a subscription box of everything you need to pause, be mindful and connect to yourself.

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