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With the revolving door of visitors after having her sweet baby, Bee, Meg didn’t want to have to leave every time she nursed, and she found herself constantly fidgeting to cover up or using multiple scarves to make sure nothing was unknowingly exposed. Christmas rolled around a few weeks later and her mom gifted her a beautiful cashmere poncho. While she was wearing it one day, Meg realized she could just throw Bee under the poncho and voila! problem solved. That’s when the lightbulb went off, and Meg created her own nursing poncho, adapting the shape and fabric to better meet the needs of a mama and babe; lightweight, washable and sits just right.

The name bee+roo comes from the way in which, like the kangaroo, the poncho keeps babies cozy, covered and close to Mama’s chest. And Bee, of course, is an ode to her baby girl, Meg’s inspiration behind the brand :)