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Rent the Runway by Jenn

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After watching her sister go into debt for a designer dress, Jenn wondered: why couldn’t they just rent designer items instead? She teamed up with Jenny and the “dynamic closet in the sky” was born. They’ve curated the world’s best closet to borrow from into a billion dollar enterprise that helps to make every woman look and feel their best everyday.

She also launched the Rent the Runway Foundation and created Project Entrepreneur to increase the pipeline of female founders building high-growth companies.

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Kala by Rebecca

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After years of searching for the perfect bra, Kala founder Rebecca Migirov asked herself why she, like so many bra-wearers, felt ignored by traditional brands.

Kala is the solution we have been waiting for: earth-friendly intimates in a range of nudes, sleepwear for real life, and beautiful yet functional maternity styles that highlight the beauty of every body. With ethical manufacturing practices, Kala is truly sustainable intimates for all. Comfort should never be sacrificed and everyone deserves beautiful clothes built to last.

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Jibs by Natalie

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Jibs is the result of a passion for life, style, and travel and a reflection of the values adventure, life energy, and the excitement of discovery. Their journey of discovery led to the creation of The Jib; a perforated leather slip-on shoe that reigns from heritage and craftsmanship of the tropical Brazilian perforated leather beach-to-city shoe. Jibs is grateful to work with an intimate family-run factory where not only are the shoes built with care, but all earnings the factory receives are incredibly impactful in strengthening their local economy

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Keaton by Melina

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As a young professional, founder Melina was constantly searching for workwear that made her feel confident and powerful while also being comfortable and easy-to-wear. Women spend most of our day at work, and at Keaton, we believe that women should love what we're wearing.

Keaton's Perfect Pant is machine washable, non-wrinkle, and has large front pockets--design details informed by conversations with over 300 women. The pant can be dressed up or down...perfect for transitioning from busy work days to happy hour. The Perfect Pant is the first product in a series of women’s workwear essentials that we’re developing in collaboration with our customers.

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Franc by Brandy

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After years of experience working in the fashion industry, designing clothes for both large and small businesses. Brandy decided it was time to take all the experience she had amassed and create the kind of clothing company she was always searching for. One that made clothes with people in mind. One that focuses on making quality clothes that stand the test of time and can be the basis of any one's style.

Brandy started FRANC, an ethically-made line of basics that focuses on creating timeless styles in soft, wearable, sustainable fabrics. Her mission is to make ethical clothing that is accessible, uplifting and inspired by the women who wear it.

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M.M. LaFleur by Sarah

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M.M.LaFleur Founder & CEO Sarah LaFleur was once your typical woman in finance whose closet was packed with blah-feeling pantsuits. Back then, she dreamed of a more practical, inspired wardrobe for herself and all professional women. She launched M.M.LaFleur in 2013 with Co-Founder and Creative Director Miyako Nakamura, the former head designer of Zac Posen. Their goal: to help women harness the power of self-presentation, and to rethink the shopping process altogether.

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8apart by Frankie

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8apart is a female founded, female run, beacon of empowerment for young women. They’re here to stand with our girls. To uplift them. And to celebrate life. The name 8apart comes from the 8-year difference between founder, Frankie, and her younger sister. 8apart represents the special space that is created when women support and lift each other up.

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ApparelMollie Albrecht$$
All You Are by Kena

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Say hello to Kena, She knows a robe is a very personal thing. The problem is, most robes aren’t designed with your real life in mind. Until now. The All You Are Robe was designed to solve all the reasons why you either dislike the robes you’ve worn before or don’t wear one at all. It was also designed to make you feel feminine and effortlessly put together (especially when that might not be how you feel!).

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Fauxgerty by Chrissy

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Rooted in her love for apparel, the intention behind Fauxgerty was to design clothing in a mindful manner. For Chrissy, that meant using earth friendly fabrics, supporting ethical work practices and creating a team that feels like family. Their pieces are meant to adapt to lifestyle, body-type and season, in hope that they’ll find a forever home in your closet.

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Haute Yellow by Robin

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Meet Robin. When she was "officially" diagnosed with Endometriosis in April 2018, it took over 10 years to figure out her diagnosis she wants to raise awareness and support other with Endometriosis. So, she decided to design tees that empower women to love who they are, as they are. Self-love, positivity and supporting women is extremely important to the Haute Yellow brand.

Proceeds from every sale are donated to help increase Endometriosis awareness & research. 1 in 10 women suffer from this disease.

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Tribe Alive by Carly

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The idea for Tribe alive took root when founder Carly Burson and her husband finalized the adoption of their daughter, Elie.

As Carly spent time in Ethiopia, she met many mothers who did not have the means to support their children. Carly wanted to find a way to honor Elie's birth mother and others like her while addressing the core issue of global child relinquishment — namely, the economic insecurity facing women in the developing world.

Tribe Alive became a platform in which to alleviate poverty and give women around the world the opportunity to raise their children and determine their futures through economic empowerment.

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Playa Society by Esther

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Esther didn’t start playing basketball until she was fifteen, and looking back she realized that a lack of representation for women in sports deterred her at a young age.

Esther believes that girls cannot become what they cannot see, so she launched Playa Society Sportswear to empower female athletes with designs that celebrate the culture of women who play sports challenge social stigma..

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Bali Colors by Emily

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Under very fortunate circumstances, Emily found herself immersed in the Balinese markets. Endless gorgeous styles and Emily wanted to share them all. So she did.

She traveled around the markets for 2 months before she took the leap and started buying. She returned home with a full suitcase and her company, Bali Colors was born. She now gets to share her love of the island with others while giving back to the community she fell in love with.

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Armoire by Ambika

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“I’ve been sharing clothes with the women in my life as long as I can remember.” -Ambika

The word “Armor” has the same root as the word “Armoire”, and Ambika likes to think of clothing as the armor that we as women use as we go out into the world. As a member you rent four curated pieces of clothing, delivered straight to your door. Exchange for new styles of high-end items whenever you’re ready.

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B. Effortless by Britney


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After Britney had a little Changemaker enter her life, she decided to transition from her career in real estate to being a stay at home mom.

When she couldn’t find comfortable and stylish pieces where she normally shopped, the idea for her business was born. Now, B. Effortless is a boutique where she curates the cutest and stylish pieces. Comfy enough for a day on the couch, yet ready for a day out on the town, her pieces are available in roomier sizes to accommodate every phase of a woman’s life.

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Bow & Drape by Aubrie

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Aubrie got the idea for Bow & Drape when she went on the hunt or a custom dress to wear to a wedding. When she couldn’t find anything that expressed her personality, she got an idea.

Bow & Drape gives you more freedom to express yourself by letting you totally customize every piece they sell. Pick a canvas, add your flair and ship! Their Punny Girl community has you covered if you lack inspiration with examples you can re-create in one click.

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Brass Clothing by Katie + Jay

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Katie + Jay created Brass Clothing because they couldn’t find a clothing brand that fit their needs. No longer in college and moving up in the work world, the pair needed nicer clothes that didn’t break the bank.

Now they produce affordable, quality clothing with an option to buy a curated closet “collection” to catapult you on to the best dressed list at work with the click of a button.

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Choosy by Jessie

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Jessie created the “first democracy of fashion”, Choosy, so people could tell her what they wanted and then make it. To give the power to choose what’s trending, to the people. You tell them which trends and styles you're loving via social polls and comments and then their brilliant algorithm analyzes what's trending across social platforms to create a drop of new items that customers can shop each month.

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