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aavrani by Rooshy

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Drawing upon family traditions, aavrani re-created the powerful, all-natural skincare that has made South Asian women beautiful and glowing for centuries. Their mission is to deliver premium, non-toxic products for all women by encouraging them to feel proud and confident in their skin.

The aavrani ritual invites all women with the opportunity to center themselves, aligning inner confidence with outer radiance. At our core, we celebrate female empowerment. In Hindi, "rani" means "queen." The aavrani mission is to champion and uplift by encouraging all women to embrace their natural beauty.

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Kazmaleje by LaToya, LaTrice and LaTasha

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These three sisters started KAZMALEJE (pronounced "cosmology") in an effort to solve their own problem. They were tired of dealing with excessive hair shedding while detangling, paddle brushes that would collapse, missing bristles or teeth—just a really poor experience. For the amount of money we all spend on our hair, the Stirrup sisters felt we deserved better and they knew other women who felt the same way. Therefore, these amazing ladies decided to design hair tools that put us first, addressed our curly, coily, kinky hair care needs, and worked.

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ZIRUI by Regina

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ZIRUI was born out of Regina’s love for travel and functional beauty. Growing up in different countries, she loved traveling and often had to travel with her other love - beauty products. Regina once attended a conference in Texas and realized all her liquid products leaked everywhere in my suitcase again, even after being carefully wrapped and placed in ziplock bags. She saw the lack of a functional, beautiful, sustainable travel case for bringing liquids on the go, and ZIRUI was born.

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Luxury Den Essentials by K. Rochelle

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As a mental health professional, K.Rochelle’s believes that self-care rituals are essential for peace of mind, body & soul. You can find meticulously crafted, luxury candles that are true-to-scent and blended with essential oils for fragrance therapy and natural plant-based skin care to keep your skin soft, glowing and deeply hydrated. Taking time to slow down and just breathe allows you to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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LXMI by Leila

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Meet Leila. She created LXMI to unite undiscovered, effective natural ingredients with transparent, responsible production and sourcing practices. Above all, they exist to engage women to take part in the world in a way that creates lasting beauty.

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Zen + Ether by Shandale

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Meet Shandale. She set out to create beauty products with herbs and extracts that have been used for generations by island women. She uses traditional Caribbean botanicals and was influenced by the tranquility and clarity of Caribbean waters.

Shandale created a brand that is eco-friendly to protect our oceans, and makes products that evoke the same level of calm as those blue waters.

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OY-L by Andrea

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At OY-L, Andrea makes 100% natural, botanical-inspired luxury skin care with good-for-you ingredients and no fillers. Fueled by plants, OY-L incorporates hemp seed oil, manuka honey, pink Himalayan salt and other super ingredients into skin care that nourishes, soothes, and protects–on a mission to provide beauty without secrets

15% of the bath salts and body scrub sales go to Dysautonomia International.

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Be Transcendent by Janeya

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Say hello to Janeya and her all-natural, Plant-based skincare line that leaves your skin glowing and refreshed. Her 60 second skin type analysis will help you pinpoint exactly what your skin needs.

Be Transcendent also has a Gratitude Program aimed at cutting down on the waste in the makeup industry. She makes all her products with re-usable tops that buyers can save and use for refills. When you re-order you’ll get a discount for re-using your top and you’ll be helping the planet one top at a time.

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Liplove by Latrice

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Say hello to Latrice. She was rocking it in the corporate world working in fashion and beauty when she learned about all the toxic ingredients in most makeup, particularly lipstick, which she wears every day. That led her down a path of learning about clean makeup and eventually to the creation of Liplove.

 Liplove is a vegan, cruelty free lip line that complements every complexion. Created to celebrate the beauty of every woman, the unique formula moisturizes and hydrates the lips in a variety of colors ranging from understated nudes to not so basic statement shades. We are in love.

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2 Goats + 2 Acres by Tirzah

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Say hello to Tirzah. Ever since she was little, she imagined herself surrounded by animals and tending to my own little plot of land. She made her dreams, reality.

Today, Tirzah owns 2 goats + 2 acres, where she raises goats, who in turn produce the milk she uses in her line of products. Grounded in the belief that skin products should be simply made, she creates products like soap, body oil and body scrubs.

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Beauty Bakerie by Cashmere


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Meet Cashmere. She started Beauty Bakerie as a passion project while she was battling breast cancer. Before she started crafting cruelty-free, makeup, she put herself through college and nursing school, while being a single mother. Through her hardship, her mission is to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others.

Now, she's grown the indie makeup brand to a $5M empire and her makeup has been spotted on both Beyonce and Cardi B. She embodies positivity and the girl boss hustle.

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Butter Skin by Ebyan


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Ebyan was on her own personal journey to find natural ways of healing her eczema when she came up with the idea for her company, Butter Skin.

Driven by the studies that prove women of color have higher levels of environmental chemicals in their bodies from daily skin and hair care regiments, she created a line of clean, skincare.

1% of product sales goes to programs that lift children out of poverty and ensure their access to safe housing, health care and quality education.

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Feather & Bone by Shubhangini

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Like so many of us, when Shubhangini was a teenager, she had a bad reaction to a face wash. After searching high and low, unable to find a product that fit her needs, she decided to create one herself. Through curiosity and research came her Face Gems: a skin cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator all packaged in a single-serve, liquid-free tablet.

It was important to Shubhangini that her formula was gentle enough for all skin types, so they only contain three natural ingredients: Fuller's Earth (clay), Sandalwood, and Corn Starch. That's it!

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Gilded Glamour by Blair

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Blair and her clients were tired of being disappointed time and time again with what they could find at the drug store for dryness, dark spots and uneven skin tone spots on their faces.

She combined her medical knowledge, the latest research and her passion for all things beauty to develop her line of skincare specifically formulated for the body.

Taking inspiration from the ancient practice of gilding (using gold leaf) they’ve created an amazing line that includes a butt balm we’re obsessed with.

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Glamsquad by Amy

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Meet, Amy. She changed the hair game with her app, Glamsquad, the “Uber of Beauty” if you will. The app lets you order on-demand technicians to do your hair, makeup and nails in the comfort of your home, hotel room, even at the office! They used feedback from hundreds of their appointments to gather top-notch research and also developed their own line of hair care products. Go ahead and add a manicure to your coffee delivery.

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Hi Wildflower Beauty & Fragrance by Tanaïs

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As a writer and novelist, Tanaïs likes to spend her time exploring the world around her, studying feminism and reading. The way she sees it, scents are tiny stories that encompass a vibe, a time, a place.

She got the idea for her company during the writing and research of her first novel, Bright Lines. Hi Wildflower Beauty & Fragrance, an independent beauty & fragrance house.

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Pretty Well Beauty by Jazmin

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Say hello to Jazmin! Taking all of the knowledge her 15 years in the beauty industry gave her and her passion she created Pretty Well Beauty.

As the premiere clean beauty and wellness destination, she only curates the highest quality natural and organic products from trusted brands all over the world. She believes that when it comes to choosing beauty products, nature provides us with everything our bodies could ever need.

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Savvy Sleepers by Dale

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"After having my daughter last summer, I may not have time to get my roots done, but I sleep on my satin pillow case every night."

Even before kids, juggling a full time job and a robust dating life left Dale’s hair and skin begging for care. After a suggestion from her hairstylist aunt (score!), Dale was inspired to create her own line of 100% pure satin pillow cases to keep your locks from breaking and your skin looking soft, fresh and crease-free.

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Samudra Skin & Sea by Shilpi

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Shilpi is on a mission to bridge the gap between personal wellness and ecological integrity.

While working with intertidal ecosystems, Shilpi discovered the regenerative properties of marine algae. She decided to create a healthy line of plant-based skincare featuring wild seaweed, to celebrate both healthy skin and oceans. Shilpi continues her work in ocean advocacy for the Break Free From Plastic global movement.

Samudra Skin & Sea partners with ocean conservation campaigns that benefit both people and the planet.

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Fueled by the desire to have a silk pillowcase they could fit over hotel pillows, Phoenix + Sandra came up with their idea for

They created two prototypes out of satin and mulberry silk and a round of testing proved that their pillows were banishing sleep lines, crow's feet, skin irritations, and dry, tangled and frizzy hair. This environmentally-friendly, innovative, and travel-friendly (!), is a game changer. We’re in.

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