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Black Colouring Books by Danielle

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Danielle, a freelance graphic designer, created avatars/faces based on herself, as well as other black people that she grew up with or saw in her family. With these faces, she expanded and created colouring books to help give kids (and adults), the chance to see themselves and enjoy the positive affirmations they are sometimes unable to hear that from their daily surroundings. She continues to share this message of being black & proud expanding out to clothing, accessories, and posters.

She also is launching a set of plush toys “Plushies” that you can check out here.

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Bharat Babies by Sailaja

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When Sailaja was preparing for her first little changemaker to come into the world, she was on a mission to find books about Indian culture to share with her newborn daughter.

Of the few books that spoke to heritage, she realized that none of these books took into account the developmental needs of her child. This gave her the idea for Bharat Babies, a publishing house looking to bridge the diversity gap in children's literature, one story at a time.

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Feminist Book Club by Renee

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Meet Renee. She’s made it easy to stay caught up with the latest feminist literature with her community-driven subscription box, Feminist Book Club. Each month you’ll receive a book by a trailblazing woman along with goodies made by women owned and queer-owned businesses. Members suggest books and votes to decide which book will be in the next box.

A portion of all sales are donated to different feminist organizations including Peaceful Families Project and Safe BAE.

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Literati by Jessica + Kelly

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Jessica + Kelly wanted their kids to fall in love with reading, so they made it their mission to support parents who wanted to do the same.

Getting started is as easy as A - B - C: pick your child's age, subscribe and enjoy reading new bedtime stories you can keep if you love and send back the rest.

They also accept donated books, where they gift wrap, provide personalized book plates and donate them to children in need.

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