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The Greater Knead by Michelle

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After her sister and grandfather were diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012, Michelle set out on a mission to recreate their favorite food. The Greater Knead free-from bagel was born. Their bagels are NY style in taste and texture but free-from the top allergens. That means no gluten, dairy, soy, egg, peanuts or tree-nuts. They believe food should be created for the greater need!

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Core & Rind by Rita + Candi

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Say hi to Rita and Candi. They created deliciously creamy + dairy free Cashew Cheesy Sauce. It has whole, real ingredients, all of which you can pronounce (ta-da!). It is packed with healthy fats, nourishing spices, plant power and deliciousness.

Candi + Rita spent years developing Cashew Cheesy Sauce to make your journey to health easier and tastier. they believe that health begins with one small (and delicious) change in the kitchen. Let them nourish you from the CORE to the RIND.

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Plan & Plate It by Lara

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I never really understood the phrase “I’m so busy I don’t have time to eat”. Food has always been a priority, and since having twins 10 months ago, that hasn’t changed. I want to teach others the secret to living a busy life and also providing home-cooked meals for their families. Recipes and meal plans are simple, easy to follow and tasty. I can’t wait for you to try it.

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Catspring Yaupon by Abianne + Jenna

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Say hello to Abianne and Jenna. They created CatSpring Yaupon, where they cultivate and roast farm-fresh yaupon. They like to say “It’s Texan, for tea”. As the only naturally caffeinated indigenous plant in North America, it was brewed for centuries by Native Americans.

CatSpring Yaupon is dedicated to sustainably and responsibly producing yaupon here in Texas and are dedicated to creating dignified employment opportunities.

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Akua by Courtney

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Courtney grew up by the sea and even when she was a little girl getting pinched by hermit crabs or getting scraped by barnacles, she remember loving everything about the ocean.

She started AKUA to share the nourishing benefits of ocean-farmed kelp - one of the most healing and healthy foods on the planet. Their first product, Kelp Jerky is truly a superfood from the sea, overflowing with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are amazing for you and me.

What's even more incredible though, is that by growing ocean-farmed kelp they are supporting a bluegreen economy of ocean farmers, who are working to mitigate climate change by drawing carbon and nitrogen from our seas.

The benefits of ocean-farmed kelp extend far beyond human health, and are economic and environmental too. They created AKUA to do their part in helping to make our world a better place for future generations.

Also, she still wants to be a mermaid⠀⠀

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The Buttermilk Company by Mitra

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Say hi to Mitra. Mitra grew up in an Indian-American household and missed her mom's cooking when she moved away from home. She realized how hard it was to find food that was healthy, quick, and had that homemade taste. So, she decided to bring home-cooked recipes to everyone by keeping the recipes simple, real, and directly from the kitchens of the people who raised us. We love it.

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Blondery by Auzerais

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Meet Auzerais. She started baking when she was eight years old and wasn’t great. So, she went to pastry school, worked as Sous-chef at Bouchon Bakery all while refining a blondie recipe for ten years.

Her first official holiday season she sold over five hundred orders. She has since added three more flavors and offers complimentary two-day shipping Nationwide and next day delivery in New York City.

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Bumpin Blends by Lisa

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Lisa created Bumpin Blends after struggling to balance healthy nutrition with pregnancy symptoms and cravings. She creates pre-blended smoothie cubes (and delicious lactation cookies!) to help you avoid mid-meal prep meltdowns and make it simple for moms and moms-to-be to get the nutrition they need.

Each blend supports a symptom of motherhood -- including fatigue, bloating, mood swings, morning sickness, and many more. They also come with 24/7 text support from a nutritionist—hallelujah!

For every subscription sold, they donate 9 months of prenatal vitamins to a homeless pregnant mom in L.A.!

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Eatable by Charlene + Vincent

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Meet Charlene + Vincent. This wife and husband duo set out on a mission to create Eatable, the perfect pairing of their two great loves: snacking + alcohol.

They spent 2 years perfecting their recipes and learning to infuse flavors from their favorite wines and spirits into popcorn, creating a balance of sweetness inspired by classic cocktails, wine and spirits. With flavors like Whisky on the Pops and Poppin' Merlot PB&J, count us in.

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Golde by Trinity


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We may have a girl crush on Trinity and her tonic blends at GOLDE. Trinity's journey with turmeric began when her mother used the spice to treat her arthritis. Inspired, and aligned with her love for holistic health, Trinity created GOLDE in 2016 with the vision of making self-care more inclusive, engaging, and fun.

Try the Original mix or branch out and try the Cacao or Matcha flavored versions of her health-boosting ingredients. Grab-and-go with their individual serving sizes of their mixes or get creative in the kitchen with the full sized pouch.

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Gobble by Ooshma

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Meet Ooshma! Inspired by the love and connection shown through food, she used food science to crack the code for her perfect meal delivery service: Gobble.

Working for years developing recipes based on Mise en place (the kind of food prep like in restaurants), with some help from a Michelin Star chef, together they’ve created unique options that only need 1 pan and 10-15 minutes to create insta-worthy meals. Yes, please.

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Hint by Kara

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Meet Kara. After leaving her job at AOL, she was overweight and addicted to diet soda. After her third child, acne and constant exhaustion pushed her to start researching the ingredients in her drinks, she decided to kick the habit. Her mission to drink water not sugar led Kara to launch Hint, a collection of flavored, sparkling, and caffeinated waters.

p.s. Halle Berry has a thing for their caffeinated water. She drinks three or four every workout.

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The Qi by Lisa

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Lisa was born and raised in a small Chinese coastal city. She spent a lot of time with my grandma who made her nourishing herbal tonics on a regular basis. Just like brunch, herbalism and holistic wellness was simply a way of life.

When she moved to the US, the approach to wellness (or lack thereof at the time), convinced her to create a company that made it easy to return to a time where nourishing oneself was simple and joyful.

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Shaka Tea by Bella + Harrison

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Bella was born and raised in Honolulu. In 2016, she and her husband, Harrison, founded Shaka Tea out of their desire to honor Hawai’i by creating a healthy product that authentically reflected the Hawaiian Islands.

Shaka Tea’s adaptogenic herbal teas are brewed with māmaki leaves, an ancient superleaf used as a health tonic that’s only found and grown in the Hawaiian Islands. They support sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture to help keep our planet beautiful.

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This Saves Lives by Kristen

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When actors Todd Grinnell and Ryan Devlin traveled to Africa and marveled at the effectiveness of a simple malnutrition treatment. As soon as their plane home touched down they called Kristen Bell and Ravi Patel and together they came up with This Saves Lives.

Remembering seeing Howard Schultz’s email in her inbox, Kristen wrote up a pitch and pressed send. Today, their bars are carried nationwide in Starbucks, on Google’s campus and in major retailers.

With each purchase, life saving food for children is sent to partners like Action Against Hunger and Second Mile Haiti. 

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Us Two Tea by Maggie


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Frustrated by the lack of Asian brands in the US, Maggie started Us Two Tea solely to make tea from Taiwan more accessible to people in the US.

As she started on her journey and tea farmers in Taiwan close to her age, she was inspired by the tradition of handing tea farming down through the generations. She now wanted to be able to do the same by sharing tea from Taiwan with her friends in the states.

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Yumi by Angela + Evelyn

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Meet super mom Angela + super aunt Evelyn, the founders of Yumi, a subscription-based superfood for superbabies company that ships food for your little changemaker straight to your door.

Skip the food prep and spend more time with your little Changemaker with their “Blue-Apron-For-Babies-like” subscriptions for families who want convenient, nutrient rich baby food, but don’t want the hassle of preparing their own. This superstar team was able to raise $4.1 million in funding before their launch.

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