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Go Love Yourself by Sharon

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After hundreds of failed attempts at self-care and self-help, Sharon was burnt out. Ten years as an educator left her soul and her pockets empty. She set out to create self-help that actually helped, and the Go Love Yourself Box was born. GLY helps women to do good AND do well through courageous connection and actionable self-care that transforms us from the inside out.

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Simplified Superfoods by Jamie

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Simplified Superfoods® was created from a desire to revolutionize breakfast. Simplified Superfoods® wanted to give time starved parents and professionals access to satiating ingredients that were able to fuel their abundant, productive lives--- all in the name of convenience. Their perfectly portioned superfood mixes combine protein, fiber and healthy fat, so all YOU have to do is blend our product into a smoothie, stir in oatmeal or sprinkle into yogurt. Volià!

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Mindful Movement with Maggie by Maggie

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After 20 years in dance/fitness, Maggie was at a place in her life as a working mom where she didn't have time to fit in her own personal workout classes. She was craving a quick and effective workout she could do at home that also gave her the mental space she needed. So she created this online platform to inspire people to move and feel good in their body, no matter what season of life they are in.

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Core & Rind by Rita + Candi

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Say hi to Rita and Candi. They created deliciously creamy + dairy free Cashew Cheesy Sauce. It has whole, real ingredients, all of which you can pronounce (ta-da!). It is packed with healthy fats, nourishing spices, plant power and deliciousness.

Candi + Rita spent years developing Cashew Cheesy Sauce to make your journey to health easier and tastier. they believe that health begins with one small (and delicious) change in the kitchen. Let them nourish you from the CORE to the RIND.

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Plan & Plate It by Lara

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I never really understood the phrase “I’m so busy I don’t have time to eat”. Food has always been a priority, and since having twins 10 months ago, that hasn’t changed. I want to teach others the secret to living a busy life and also providing home-cooked meals for their families. Recipes and meal plans are simple, easy to follow and tasty. I can’t wait for you to try it.

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LXMI by Leila

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Meet Leila. She created LXMI to unite undiscovered, effective natural ingredients with transparent, responsible production and sourcing practices. Above all, they exist to engage women to take part in the world in a way that creates lasting beauty.

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Akua by Courtney

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Courtney grew up by the sea and even when she was a little girl getting pinched by hermit crabs or getting scraped by barnacles, she remember loving everything about the ocean.

She started AKUA to share the nourishing benefits of ocean-farmed kelp - one of the most healing and healthy foods on the planet. Their first product, Kelp Jerky is truly a superfood from the sea, overflowing with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are amazing for you and me.

What's even more incredible though, is that by growing ocean-farmed kelp they are supporting a bluegreen economy of ocean farmers, who are working to mitigate climate change by drawing carbon and nitrogen from our seas.

The benefits of ocean-farmed kelp extend far beyond human health, and are economic and environmental too. They created AKUA to do their part in helping to make our world a better place for future generations.

Also, she still wants to be a mermaid⠀⠀

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Playa Society by Esther

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Esther didn’t start playing basketball until she was fifteen, and looking back she realized that a lack of representation for women in sports deterred her at a young age.

Esther believes that girls cannot become what they cannot see, so she launched Playa Society Sportswear to empower female athletes with designs that celebrate the culture of women who play sports challenge social stigma..

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Sunflower Motherhood by Andrea

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Shortly after Andrea has her first child, she was left asking the question many women having their first baby have asked: Why did no one tell me this?

Postpartum recovery is no joke, but often overlooked when getting ready for new little changemakers. Andrea created Sunflower Motherhood to shine a light on maternal wellness by creating postpartum care packages that help mama heal well, relieve discomfort, and practice self care after baby arrives.

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Blume by Taran + Bunny

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Meet Taran and Bunny. Two sisters who asked themselves a few questions. Why is the way the world treats periods so weird, maybe even wrong? Is the silent treatment society gives periods and puberty, somehow connected to the shame girls grow up feeling about their bodies?

They founded Blume to de-stigmatize periods and create the next generation of confident, tenacious and conscious women. Their mission is to create a new generation of thriving, informed young women who are eager to become the very best version of themselves. We’re so here for this.

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Bumpin Blends by Lisa

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Lisa created Bumpin Blends after struggling to balance healthy nutrition with pregnancy symptoms and cravings. She creates pre-blended smoothie cubes (and delicious lactation cookies!) to help you avoid mid-meal prep meltdowns and make it simple for moms and moms-to-be to get the nutrition they need.

Each blend supports a symptom of motherhood -- including fatigue, bloating, mood swings, morning sickness, and many more. They also come with 24/7 text support from a nutritionist—hallelujah!

For every subscription sold, they donate 9 months of prenatal vitamins to a homeless pregnant mom in L.A.!

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Dosi Blends by Erica


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A few years back, Erica began having severe panic attacks, anxiety and terrible hot flashes, leaving her feeling desperate to heal. As she started researching and discovering the powerful healing benefits of essential oils and other natural remedies, she began incorporating them into her daily life.

Nighttime baths soaks and spray bottles infused with lavender quickly turned into her business, Dosi, featuring soaks, body sprays, oils, and more.

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Golde by Trinity


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We may have a girl crush on Trinity and her tonic blends at GOLDE. Trinity's journey with turmeric began when her mother used the spice to treat her arthritis. Inspired, and aligned with her love for holistic health, Trinity created GOLDE in 2016 with the vision of making self-care more inclusive, engaging, and fun.

Try the Original mix or branch out and try the Cacao or Matcha flavored versions of her health-boosting ingredients. Grab-and-go with their individual serving sizes of their mixes or get creative in the kitchen with the full sized pouch.

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Modern Fertility by Afton + Carly

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As the natural planners they were, when Afton + Carly heard a lot of buzz (and panic) about fertility—but had no idea how it applied to them. As women not yet ready for kids, were they supposed to be worried?

During their research they found that you can go to a fertility clinic and take simple blood tests to check in on where you stand and this gave them their idea for Modern Fertility.

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MomBox by Kate

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Meet Kate. Less than 72 hours after giving birth, she found herself waddling around the aisles of Target searching for things she needed for her recovery. By the time she returned to the car, Kate knew there had to be a better way to get postpartum care items to new moms. And like that, MomBox was born.

Featuring a curated collection of items including organic overnight pads, perineal cold compresses and herbal supplements, MomBox is the perfect care package for new moms.

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#PeriodPainFree by Nicole + Lulu


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When Lulu went off birth control, she experienced the most debilitating, stab-me-in-the-uterus cramps, along with a list of other fabulous period symptoms.

She called her BFF Nicole (acupuncturist and herbalist working on her doctoral degree in Chinese medicine and women’s health) and after the herbal healing formula that Nicole had prescribed relieved her of many of her symptoms, the idea for #PeriodPainFree was born.

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Sustain by Meika

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”I founded Sustain because like most young women, I always dreamed of starting a vagina-friendly condom company with my dad. No? Just me?”

Meika wants you to listen up: Vaginas are one of the most absorbent parts of your body, so what you put in them matters. She created Sustain Natural (yeah—with her dad) where they make products free of chemicals of concern found in some condoms, tampons, name it.

10% of their profits go to women's healthcare organizations.

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