Meet Dough.

At Dough, we’re all about the women behind the brands and so here’s a bit about us.

Cooking up something big.

Hi - we’re Anna and Vanessa, the original chefs of Dough, though now we’re only two of many incredible people behind the wallet power movement. Dough was created over a coffee conversation about our frustration with the funding gap, how we wanted to support women with our wallets, and how hard it was to find out who was behind our favorite brands. In the middle of a chai latte and a soy white chocolate mocha, we had an ah-ha moment. We had seen wallet power in action at our last company where purchases directed funds back to over 2000 charities- what if we harnessed that power to create a movement to discover, shop and share products made by women? Could we close the funding gap from the bottom up?

Hack Diversity.png

 Armed with this insight, we recruited in some of our favorite people as teammates, investors and advisors and got to work. In just a few months, the Dough community grew to over 20,000 changemakers and over 3,000 business submissions.  We knew we were onto something big.


Why the name Dough?

We were eating a pretzel at Meade Hall (most company milestones happen around food, apparently). On a whim we put up a quick landing page that said: “We’ve all heard the comment ‘a womens’ place is in the kitchen’ but we think her place is in the factory, in the boardroom, and in the lab, creating the next generation of products that change lives. It’s time we get ladies the dough they deserve”. From that day on, the name stuck as a way to reclaim a sentence that previously was used to make women feel less than empowered.