Behind The Scenes At Dough HQ

Illustration and lettering by Ann Chen.

Let's talk about transparent pay.

Knowing what your colleagues make can be a powerful tool in closing the pay gap - that’s why we’ve always believed in transparent pay at Dough.

There are some companies setting the model that we were inspired by (check out Buffer) and some great reads from Time and Forbes. Everyone on our team knows what each other is paid, as well as their level and career path. And now, we’re sharing it with you.

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Meet The Team

Meet The Women Behind Dough


Meet Lyndsey Vargas Jimenez.

Lyndsey’s our Senior Designer. If you’ve snagged a Dough starter kit or Wallet Feminist pin she most likely designed, packed and shipped the goods.

P.S. She’ll often bring into the office homemade empanadas based on her nana’s recipe.


Meet Kelsey Zimmerer.

Kelsey’s our Marketing Director. She’s a member who joined our Dough family. If you’ve read our emails or follow us on Instagram you’ve most likely been in touch with her.

P.S. She was a Patriots cheerleader the past two seasons and celebrated on the field for their last super bowl win.



Meet Anna Palmer.

Anna’s our cofounder and CEO. Her superpowers are partnerships, fundraising, and building mission driven products.

P.S. She grew up in rural Illinois, loves Star Trek . . . Next Generation (obviously) and US Women’s Soccer.


Meet Erica Kangas.

Erica’s our Director of Engineering. She’s passionate about women in tech. If you’re a member, you’ve used what she’s built.

P.S. She started out her career in the non-profit space with City Year before shifting into tech as an engineer.



Meet Christine Rizk.

Christine heads up partnerships. If you’re a partner of Dough you know Christine on a first name basis.

P.S. She’s a super mom of three.


Meet Vanessa Bruce.

Vanessa’s our co-founder and heads up product and design. A woman of all trades, she built our marketing site while binging the latest season of Riverdale and the reboot of Charmed.

P.S. Raised and inspired by her single mother she’s passionate about financial education for women. She’s also an aunt of six.


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Being On The Dough Squad

We’re an ambitious squad with aggressive goals. We’re also not afraid to say we’re a company that believes everyone has aspirations outside of Dough. We’re humans that need to practice self care to excel in life and at our careers.

Including traditional benefits every member of the Dough squad receives: a monthly subscription focused around health and wellness including ClassPass or Daily Harvest, a monthly $150 shop women owned stipend, to support and shop from female founders, and a welcome kit with goodies made by women, including a Dagne Dover Dakota backpack.

We also offer a flexible schedule with optional work from home days. Are you an early riser? 8AM - 3PM. A night owl? 10:30AM - 6:30PM may be more your jam.

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