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Kitty & Vibe by Cameron

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Let’s face it, swimsuit shopping is kinda no fun. Cameron was determined to make this frustrating and anxiety-inducing experience easy and fun.

Kitty and Vibe offers swimsuits customized to fit your style, body, and vibe through a revolutionary sizing metric they dubbed the “Kitty Size” that takes into account your hip AND butt size into account. To top it off, they’ve created an enjoyable at-home try-on experience so you can put on that VS fashion show in the comfort of your own home.

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Skylar Yoo by Alice

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The historical Women’s March not only brought out over 5 million people worldwide to advocate for women’s rights, it also It was also inspired Alice to create her brand, Skylar Yoo.

Inspired by that powerful feminine energy, her team and artists from around the world, create feminist apparel that sparkle and shine.

20% of profits go to The Malala Fund, and Bring Change to Mind.

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Wildfang by Emma + Taralynn

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Wildfang was started by two women intent on breaking all the rules that begged to be broken. Emma + Julia quit their respective day jobs and pursued their collective daydream—creating a safe, supportive, inclusive, and inspiring space for women everywhere. They’ve grown to 20ish part-timers, full-timers and over-timers, who eat, sleep and breathe fashion and feminism.

In 2018 alone, they raised over $400K for charities that support reproductive, immigrant and women’s/human rights.

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