This Bar Saves Lives by Kristen + Team

Hello, founders, artists, authors & product makers.

Are you a boss woman who needs sales, but doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars getting your product out there? Meet Dough - we bring members who want to support women with their wallet directly to you.

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Here’s how it works.


Answer a few questions.
Fill out our quick typeform on who you are with a high resolution photo of the founding team and your favorite products.


Decide your offer.
Choose something that is highly compelling but is sustainable with your margins - we want you to make money.


Promote your feature.
Once your feature is ready to go live we’ll send along a promotion kit to share with your followers.


Want your product mailed to our members?

From sample products to our starter kit, we’ll get your products in the hands of members to try, shop, and share.

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Love Notes

What partners are saying.


“Yaaaasssss to what’s going on here - I want to do all these things!”
Ambika, CEO
of Armoire


“Being part of the Dough community is so valuable for me as a black-latina-owned business to reach an audience who is looking to shop from women like me.”
Valerie, founder of
Valerie Madison Jewelry


“I’m pumped to be a featured business. Women own 40% of US businesses and Dough is giving us something to show for it!”
Aubrie, co-founder
of Bow & Drape


Do you take a cut from sales?

No, being featured on Dough is 100% free. Our goal is to direct as much wallet power to you as possible.

Can I list my service business, or only if I sell products?

We’re currently focused on physical products & digital subscriptions, but we’ll be adding services soon. You can still fill out our application to be first in line for when we’re ready to launch services.

How long will my listing be active for?

We ask for a 90 day minimum, but you can stay active all year.

I want to talk to a human, not a form. How do I do that?

We hear you. Our head of partnerships is Christine and she can be reached at

I have a male co-founder, can I still be featured?

Yes! We welcome any business that has a woman co-founder or CEO.

If you’re all about directing money to my business, why do I have to offer an incentive?

Shoppers are more likely to try a brand for the first time when there is an extra push- by offering something it increases the likelihood they’ll shop with you. The incentive code also allows you and Dough to track the number of purchases coming from members without having to set up an affiliate link.

I sell physical products, but don’t have a website yet. Can you help?

Email us at and let’s chat.

I’m a male founder who’d like to support the cause.

We’re stronger together. We welcome your support. Email us at