Updated August 22, 2018


Dough’s (“Our” or “We”) trademarks, service marks, logos, product names, trade names, and trade dress (collectively the “Dough Trademarks”) are among Our important and valuable assets. The Dough Trademarks help identify and distinguish Our products and services, and represent Our reputation and goodwill. The Dough Trademarks must be properly used in order to protect and preserve Our rights therein. Consequently, all licensees and permitted users, as well as Our employees, must abide by the following guidelines and rules of trademark use.

  1. In general, any use of the Dough Trademarks must be pursuant to Our prior written agreement, permission, or consent. We have the sole right to prevent, revoke consent, or terminate the use of its trademarks by any licensee or other user.

  2. We may modify these guidelines from time to time and licensees and users will be bound to comply with the material contained in the updated guidelines immediately upon receipt or posting of the new guidelines.

  3. All Dough Trademarks shall remain Our exclusive property. Each licensee and permitted user agrees that it will not at any time assert or claim any interest in or do anything that may adversely affect the ownership, validity or enforceability of any of the Dough Trademarks.

  4. Licensees and users will not adopt, use or register any trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, or trade dress identical to or confusingly similar to the Dough Trademarks.

  5. All use of the Dough Trademarks should conform to the following (unless We otherwise agree to, in writing):

    • Any use of the Dough Trademarks in any advertising, promotion, or collateral must not be in violation of any applicable law, municipal ordinance, or administrative agency regulation of any country.

    • Licensees and users agree never to use the Dough Trademarks on or in connection with any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort, nor in a manner which, in Our reasonable judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage Our goodwill in the Dough Trademarks.

    • Dough Trademarks shall be used properly as trademarks, and shall not be abbreviated, hyphenated, or otherwise altered or modified from their approved format. Non-limiting examples of such unpermitted alterations or modifications include varying the spelling of, changing colors of, or combining words or other trademarks with the Dough Trademarks.

    • A trademark symbol should be used on all prominent uses of Dough Trademarks, such as on packaging, advertisements and brochures. Where a trademark is used more than once in a single display, the notice should be placed at the first or most prominent use of the trademark. With respect to text or body copy, the trademark symbol should be used with the first use of a Dough Trademark in such text or body copy, even if the mark has appeared with a trademark symbol in the headline or other prominent use. A trademark symbol is not required for any subsequent use of a mark in the same text.